[video] Ovrsweet same style as last time

  • here's another one, same style of performance as last time, quarter note drum patterns, everything set as one shots to keep myself on my toes, this is part of my no smoking action plan, day two agenda was nicotine gum, weed, fresh carrot juice, and a fresh beat...


  • that was rad

  • thank you!

  • yeah, it is a livid block. the first computer oriented gear i had was an apc40 and i can say that in comparison the livid build is sturdier feeling but also way lighter weight, and the buttons actually have an action to them, where as in my experience the apc and launchpad buttons felt to squishy no bounce in them at all, but anyway yeah the nicotine gum is helping, the first day i tried to go cold turkey and within a few hours of waking up i was in a full rage of sorts, i'm way more addicted than i thought. staying busy is helping for sure as well, the point at which i filmed this was the point where i would have been like alright now i need a smoke break then i'll work on the song some more.
    glad you dig the track!

  • that's slick how the camera is on your speaker i guess, so that the video vibrates when the bass line come in. I'm going to steal that idea. But I wouldn't worry since i don't make videos ;-)


  • haha thanks but it's actually just cus i was playing on a folding card table and i don't have a proper camera so i was filming with my macbooks built in webcam, haha it is a pretty good effect anyway though!