45 - A Tribute to Daniel Hansson (late Elektron co-founder)

  • Not Monome related but wanted to spread the news on this project I have worked on for the last several months:

    After months of work and help from the Elektron community we're proud to present "45 - A Tribute to Daniel Hansson"

    In August 2007 Elektron CEO and co-founder Daniel Hansson passed away in an unfortunate auto accident. It is in large part his creative vision and eye for detail that have made Elektron's products what they are today. The 45 Tribute pays homage to his creative genius and his philanthropic spirit. Artists from the Elektron community have taken their time and energy to contribute to this project freely in his honor.

    All purchases of the 45 Tribute should be viewed as donations, as that's what your purchase translates to. All proceeds collected from the 45 Tribute will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. So you pay $5.00 for 30 songs, and you get to be a philanthropist in the process! POW!

    As if the 30 tracks, or contributing to World Wildlife Fund wasn't enough to motivate you, Elektron is giving away one free SidStation! Everyone who purchases the 45 Tribute within the first 30 days will be automatically entered to win.

    Track List:
    1. Orsan Kart - Eine Weitere Stunde
    2. Daedelus_- Eulogy For An Uncommon Man
    3. Dntel - Exercise Bike
    4. Tiga - Good As Gold Flexible Skulls
    5. Future Image - Botley Corpse
    6. Landstrumm vs. Milanese - Corked
    7. Autechre - coenc3
    8. dDamage - Golooom
    9. Jon Martensson – Where Everything Joins and Parts
    10. Music International - Earth Chorus
    11. Erase - The Machine
    12. Pelektor - Flytrekker
    13. Wanker’s United - Soul Boxes
    14. AEVSVS (Autechre vs. Venetian Snares) - Elephant Gear
    15. John Starlight - Shadowbreaker
    16. John Tejada - In the Moment
    17. Honey Claws - Giant Town
    18. TReD Grp. - Scarfac 323
    19. Micronaut - Minimist
    20. scutopus, JTS3K, and The Brown Moth - The Light That Came from Across the Sea
    21. Proxy - Din Dah
    22. Material Object - Blacklight
    23. Boom Bip - Coogi Sweater (Featuring Ali Lee)
    24. [d] - Point Within a Circle
    25. Emnine - Magical Music Box
    26. Beautiful Planet Earth - Farewell Letter
    27. Van Basten - The Solution
    28. How Dragons Disappear - Have to go to work but
    29. Kim Hiorthoy - Uprock Work
    30. Kero (feat. Perilelle) - Syndrome

    Visit: http://www.45tribute.com/


  • And... bought.
    Sweetness. Although my browser says it's going to take over four hours to download. Yeah... maybe hijack Elektron's servers for more bandwidth?

  • Thanks for pointing this out!

    Just downloaded. Didn't seem to take too terribly long here, although I did notice the site was sluggish when I tried to log in.

    Now... on to listening!

  • sweetness, some cool collabs on there!

  • downloaded it no problem...very fast..!?

    tunes are top quality.....another excellent music equipment company. we're spoilt for choice these days.