overloads the meaning of patch

  • http://itgrunts.com/2011/08/12/temporary-tattoos-now-with-micro-electronics-to-make-ultrathin-sensors/

    and beating your own drum

  • and the meaning of 'the music gets under your skin' :D

    and the meaning of 'beating yourself off' :O

  • @Grouch: does this mean that this device will allow you to capture the rhythmic output of your masturbatory action straight to your DAW?

  • This is what my music already does. How else did ya think i gets my 'beats'? (and the rest if just mental masturbation anyways :p)
    But this'll just make it less painful than the razor thin piezos i usually use :O

  • @grouch you could spend a fortune on depilatory prep...