Tablet Monome + Deadmau5?

  • The lastest crap from Ebay seller "naturesmed." Isn't this the person who was selling PICnomes, too?

    Can this be legit?

  • "As Deadmau5 said, it was a pain to setup the monome, so why do it? Just buy a Tablet Monome and become FAMOUS!"

    why of course it's [not] legit.

  • I like this one too:

    "Owning a Tablet-Monome is just like owning a Walnut Monome, but better."

  • Everyone knew you were an ass long before I came along, Raja. :D

  • "if you're gonna get hung up on something as toy-like as 'notes' and 'quantization', why make 4 on the floor house music in the first place?!!! (sorry, it just seems like 4 on the floor is the most straightforward boring ass rhythm in human history... Kick-hat-kick-hat-kick-hat-kick-hat..."

    hahahaha you crack me up raja. so true though.

  • I see he's also selling the 'software' separately for $200

  • note that "his" software is just serial-pyio.

  • in fact, any of the serial-pyio devs could theoretically send a DMCA and get this stuff taken down.

    come to think of it, i have code in serial-pyio...

  • i'm not a serial-pyio dev, but i reported the listing anyway for a variety of fraudulent practices. i doubt ebay will do anything about it. they haven't so far, for any of his other blatant monome rip-offs, judging by his ratings and continued listings.

    also, the copyright/ip infringement report requires a pdf to be printed, filled out, and faxed in. who does that in this day and age? same for the stolen goods report form (could make the argument this is theft) -- that's only for police working on a case.

  • Or you could always just use this service to send the fax online for free!!!

  • "As Deadmau5 said, it was a pain to setup the monome, so why do it? Just buy a Tablet Monome and become FAMOUS!"

    thats hilarious!

  • So my question from previous thread remains. A few people have posted here about DOA "monomes", how can he still have 100% positive feedback?

    I've reported several of their listings which ebay have quite quickly been removed.

    Aside from the legalities of the software (If you have anything to do with the software in question please take the time to report these items, and let anyone else involved know), I think unless the quote from DeadMau5 can't be authenticated then that too could be reported as "unauthorised use of celebrity faces, names or signatures".

    No doubt in the coming weeks/months the forum will experience threads with titles such as "Problem with monome tablet"...

  • I'm the author of this virtual monome, which is a part of serial-pyio. The item lists a "Setup Guide" and not a software licence. I doubt the guy is violating the GPL. I'm pretty sure he did not modify the software. So, from my point of view (copyright holder of this part of serial-pyio), I don't think I can make any claim. He's not selling the software and even if he did so, the GPL does not prohibit it.

    Well, I would prefer the name of the software to be mentioned, but I guess this is not the main problem here. The problem is that people will buy a tablet PC thinking everything will be easy, which is misleading.

    I just signed in in ebay. It seems that the items is not available anymore: "This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available."

  • he ended the listing, which was originally $600, to sell it for $1200:

  • haha, jesus. are people really this stupid?

  • Yeah, noticed the relisting, another attempt to work around infringement of eBay rules, and to address concernes raised here no doubt.


  • What, it no longer includes "Deadmau5 software" to make me FAMOUS? Screw that. I want FAME!!!!

  • He's now also selling monome set-up guides

  • sad thing is that this person trying to rip people off must be one of us. All things monome are getting more popluar but imho I would say not general knoweledge yet to your avg computer music hobbiest. Which would lead me to believe that to even adverstise this stuff in the manner naturesmed goes about it, they must be at least read this forum or even be a regestered user.

  • I wont point any fingers...but i blame raja...just saying...


  • Interesting thought goldengod. He hails from New Jersey, according to eBay - are there any monome users from there?

  • Can I propose a mass complaint on this guy for all us users who have ebay accounts?

  • wow what is this guy thinking? This probably would appeal to the average computer user. I think one us here would never even think about buying something from that guy. Seems sketchy to me :)

  • Just to be fair for a second, how is this any different from someone selling "How-To" videos for Ableton or Reaktor?

    I think the open source/crowd source vibe of this community goes against this kind of profiteering, and any monome user should know to come here for free advice, but if someone is foolish enough to buy from that seller, well...

  • Hi I'm from New Jersey :)

    So what if I work in the gaming industry and my last name ends in a vowel?
    "you wants to fight about it?" [think angry irish man from family guy]

    anyway even tho i've on here for years, I still haven't learned how to program.
    So I'm not smart enough to be this perp.

  • yea, i remember, back then the local paper ads used to read, "etch-a-sketch + stillalivemau5" :p

  • Check yo' headmau5?

    Knead the breadmau5?

    Natty dreadmau5?

    Pick him insteadmau5?

    Encased in leadmau5?

    Out back in the shedmau5?

    Make sure the dog is fedmau5?

    Did you catch what she saidmau5?

    I'm tired; I'm going to bedmau5.

  • Back to selling clones:

  • 3 available; 2 sold :/

  • ^i was supposed to say that.

  • 'Picnome is the japanese version of the monome"

    oh yes and Hyundai is the Korean version of Toyota...

  • He posted a you tube video... some one should really message him via you tube offering to buy the monome off him for like $300... suggest western union or something. Long story short go after his greed and try and get a Name or Address

  • Maybe I am just bad at math, but how exactly is he selling something he spent $310 on for $200?

  • I think a bit of googling can get you a likely name and contact details - but then what?

  • ummm nasty letter writing campaign?

  • Is this dude a SCAM?

    I just saw 2 available / 4 sold, I was thinking about buying one of his monome 64 hybrid s***t, but those just work on windows I guess. I use mac.

  • @dubtech

    Please read this post, and the two threads it links to:

    Seriously not worth the risk. There's a batch of monomes available for order shortly I believe.


    Personally, I don't think that's going to be a constructive use of anyones time.

  • @marto

    I know just being cheeky... i have much better use of my time


    Don't buy his stuff :D

  • @marto

    I definitely won't buy this stuff. Thanks for the advice!

  • i'd kinda like to change to scope of this topic... for years i've been in love with the monome, but could never really afford one, or catch em during a production run. so periodically i check e-bay to see if there's a chance of ever getting one i could afford. when i came across his auction at first i was stocked, because a little while back i got this multi-touch HP laptop capable of four points of simultaneous contact and i was excited to finally see a software version out there.... so i sent him an inquiry into what software it was he was using, then with his reply i realized then just how sketchy he was. so rest assured i'd never get anything from this guy, but the question remain... is there some kind of software monome out there i could rock on this multi-touch laptop? I try to be a resourceful guy, so if there is a setup out there im not looken for a step by step, just kind of a direction i should look to, to research more. Thanks guys!


    control has a multitouch monome emulation, may or may not work on your tablet.

  • i knew i was missing something. fame, here i come.