new album: senescence | cassette + digital download

  • hello! thought i'd drop a line on here about my new album that was released today on the sunshine ltd. label ( - 37 minutes of continuous rhodes, field recordings, guitar, bells, kalimba, lap harp, monome etc etc etc - recorded to 1/2" tape and released on professionally dubbed cassette. here's my post about it:
    and here's the direct link to purchase it if you'd like:

    thanks to the crabtree for making monome. thanks to all you guys for using it and being a great community of noise makers that i'm happy to be a part of.


  • congrats

  • hiding my jealousy right now

  • @GLIA - thanks! you have some things to learn about hiding ;-)

  • hahahah

    yo the cover is dope

    it appears to be
    your hand

    fine job on that

  • thank you, but actually i begrudgingly relinquished a tad of control over to my buddy davidson thomas ( for the cover art on this. so glad i did. he nailed it.

  • Congratulations! Time to find a cassette player.....

  • or you need to find a...

  • ordered my copy. for the rest of you, jump on this entrancing record! there's a little teaser on jared's soundcloud:

  • Good work! Currently without cassette player. But hoping to add a cheap nad seperate to my stereo soon. Will certainly check this out...

  • also, don't forget—it comes with a digital download for those living in the future. but if anyone is listening to it on a talk boy, they are aces in my book!

  • ordered - very nice!

  • Perfect opportunity to put my old cassette deck to use!

    @jared: not as cool as yours, but, you know...

    800 x 554 - 54K
  • oh snapz, antiphon be pimpin the chromium oxide!

  • looking forward to hearing the rest. must locate a working cassette player-- all of mine keep dying...

  • man

    theres 5 working tape players in my flat

    after giving away two during spring cleaning

    i've got leaving records to thank for that

    and my hoarding sensibilities
    [i also discovered while cleaning that i owned 4 bass amps of various wattage...and no bass guitar]

  • thanks everybody!

    @antiphon i had that same one! recently broke though

    @GLIA sounds like somebody needs to order five copies and get all, 'what happens when i play these back at the same time at different speeds with a candle lit' ;-)

    @tehn yeah, tape decks in general are not dependable... tons of moving parts and belts that get worn out over years. i found a really good deal on a tascam 122 mkiii rack-mount unit a while back and love it though, can't seem to break the thing.

  • I've still got a decent Nakamichi deck somewhere in the garage. Might be time to break out the good stuff for this release.

    @GLIA: hoarding sensibilities? I know them well.

  • oooh, nakamichi deck! they still pick up good prices on the 'bay.

  • @oootini: really? I had no idea. Mine is definitely not one of their top end models, though. I think it was a "bargain" circa 1995 at around $600. It might not even have three heads, I'm not sure. Time to dig through the stacks and find out.

  • i just recently got a nakamichi cr-3 to replace my bx-300 and i am really happy with it. would have really liked to find a nak dragon, that thing had auto azimuth correction which made for a perfect play no matter how badly the tape was loaded into any cassette shell.

    also, thanks for all the orders/support!

  • oooh man, listening to the snippet right now, i get paid this weekend and own several working tape decks. and something kinda cheesy see attached, much much love for anyone putting releases out on tape! haha!

  • listened to it tonight. surpassingly lovely.

  • @smyth
    hahahah might have to take you up on that

    i was gonna say the same thing about the nakamichi

    my main deck is an aiwa 3-head i got for sub-$50 from a friend

  • 'm hoping ot pick up a cheap NAD deck on the bay in the next while. in other tape related news, i found an old akai reel to reel with a bunch of ampex reels for it in my uncles old music room. i really should liberate it...

  • @nightmorph: didn't realize these were shipping already, i'll be watching my mailbox...

  • @quivive - hahaha. awesome.

    @tehn - these are shipping already, yours was mailed today. nightmorph 'opted' out of getting a tape and weaseled us into just selling him a download code, hence his early listen/review.

  • preview sounds amazing. my walkman will hopefully eat this like the most delicious meal. hope you're in for shipping to norway!

  • @oletorjus - if you booked me a show, and cooked me a meal i would deliver it by hand ;-)

  • Ordered! Looking forward to it.

  • just arrived. the mp3s will have to do until i get a new cassette deck sorted, but initial impressions are goood!

  • @jaredsmyth - I'll see what I can do ;)

  • this album is all fingertips 'n' goosebumps!

    i'm really digging these kinds of tape/field recording sounds and associated understated guitars, pianos, and synths these days. i really like how the instrumentation is kept simple timbrally and all the texture is pushed out to the various field recordings.


  • for all y'all that missed it, the audio from the album release show is available for download:

  • Lovely preview on soundcloud.

    Um it seems I am having difficulty checking out without buying the cassette. i just want to purchase the DL. But it seems there all the way up to checkout, there is no option. :-[

  • nope. but you get a nice handmade cassette with it...cassettes are comin' back, man. they have such a nice analog sound!

  • Amazing release Smyth! This & your Sanibel CD are going into rotation today at WVFS Tallahassee radio station and will be spinning soon!
    WVFS can be streamed here: