pages - cable orientation with serialOSC

  • first off I want to say that Pages is amazing.
    It makes my workflow so smooth, the ability to quickly swap from a bunch of faders to mlr to ableton control means my monome is in constant use, not just out when i want to do some live cutting/performance stuff.
    ok, but with gushing over - i'm, trying to work out if it's possible to set the cable orientation when using serialOSC, I can do it if I connect via monome serial but I'm trying to reduce the amount of apps I have running simultaneously, and using serialOSC with pages seems much more transparent.

    It's no biggy, but boy is my table layout so much nicer when my usb cable comes out the top ;)

  • Hi Duncan there's a little rotation app around here that worked for me.
    In case you don't find it... here you are:
    if it doesn't works try to restart your computer after rotating.

  • oh perfect. so the setting is persistant!