hapi drum (:

  • I've found one of these in berlin (:
    So fun to play with .


  • private video? seems pointless to post publicly ;)

  • haha sorry changedit

  • Is your room wallpapered with the Debian logo?

  • dope

    plane is doper

    i could rip it

    but dyou have an mp3 of that by chance?

  • i have one too, altought i actually wanted a hang drum..
    but i love it. playing it is a kind of meditation to me.
    had a couple of hapi+mlr sessions, lots of fun.

  • I actually also wanted a hangdrum. But Hapis have also a very ritch tone :)

    The lady in the store said that she put some positive energy in it hihi.
    And my room was like this when I moved in. I like those logos.