Does a monome need to breathe?

  • Sadly, my gs128 sits idle for long stretches as my interests shift from instrument to instrument and hobby to hobby. I don't have a case for it, but I wanted to keep dust and grime out of it as best I could. My solution? Wrap the whole thing in some plastic cling wrap. It's been sitting like this for a while, but today I wanted to use it. Taking the plastic off seemed like hassle, until I realized that I can use it with the cling wrap still on--no problems, no reduced button sensitivity, and the upside is I have a tea-proof spill barrier for my device.

    My question: is there a risk to the device if I use it plugged in while covered in plastic wrap? Will it generate heat that can't escape? Is air flow somehow important? I'm thinking not, but I was hoping someone could counsel me on this before I make a mistake. (There is a small hole in the plastic to allow the USB cable to be plugged in, of course.)

  • this is probably a good idea actually, for long-term storage.

  • also- a ton of direct sunlight every day will possibly yellow the pads.

  • Ha. I just dropped my arc on its head. It now has two fetching scars.

  • @tehn: thanks. I figured it was good policy to store it like this, but I wasn't sure if using it while covered was kosher. I tried it like this last night and it worked well, so I've found my own super-cheap protective covering. Felt is cool, but a tad bit more expensive. ;]