new arc app: spokes

  • i think this is just about ready to release into the wild. it's still kind of buggy but it works, at least on my machine. give it a go and let me know what yis think.

    spokes is a kind of fuzzy melodic sequencer for the arc 2. suitable for ambient type noodlings. my favourite. it's loosely based on andre michelle's tone wheels web app:

    there are two sets of up to 4 "spokes" per encoder. each time a spoke passes led 0, a note is triggered. quick press will set the velocity for the notes on that ring, press again to return to the sequencer. the top set of spokes is controlled by twisting an encoder, the bottom set by pushing down and twisting. turning increases or decreases speed. a change in direction will play notes from a different octave, depending on what is set in the octaves section. I'm not happy with this part of the app, and will improve it when i figure out what i want it to do.

    anyone looking at the innards will realize what a nooby patcher i am. the patch is built entirely on GreaterthanZero's amazing work which you can find in this thread:

    it also makes use of vj manzo's excellent modal object library. i've included the relevant externals in the folder so hopefully you should be able to use it straight out of the zip. otherwise grab them here:

    props to GTZ for the max ninja stuff!

  • also, i've been using this with aalto, hook up the velocity in aalto to something cool and tweak out.

  • sounds fun - will give this a try shortly & report back

  • Yeah give it a go. It's rough as hell but hopefully it'll work for ya.

  • @ootini - very nice - didn't seem to start up until i'd toggled the number of spokes - i'll try and pin this down further. this looks very cool too. good work from yourself and gtz. led brightness indication of volume is a nice touch. i'll be up late :)

    EDIT - ok first spoke selection enables spokes - this is fine - seems to be working for me.

  • Looking forward to giving this a go when I get some time. I'm a big fan of the MOL.

  • hmm. i think i need to have a proper think about how the notes are generated. one of my favourite thing from stretta's EDW is the bank of notes that you can access depending on the direction of the playhead.

    i started to do something similar here but it kind of gets lost when you have two sets of spokes playing notes on the one encoder...

  • is this only for use on a pc, reason im asking is because i only see midi outs toMIDI Yoke 1-8 and some Microsoft options (2) but the encoders on the Arc do light up and operate as im assuming they would , just no Midi Signal

  • Um I have no clue if it works on a mac. But I'm getting a macbook in the next few weeks and I do hope to get this finished. I'm still kind of lost about what I want it to do to be honest. I'll update on this thread when I get something more definite done.

  • Um I have no clue if it works on a mac. But I'm getting a macbook in the next few weeks and I do hope to get this finished. I'm still kind of lost about what I want it to do to be honest. I'll update on this thread when I get something more definite done.

  • alright sounds good

  • @'tini,

    Actually, that's not a mac/pc thing at all.

    (MIDI Yoke was our clue on that -- it doesn't come with Windows, so this is specific to one user's setup)

    The MIDI device selector you've got in there... I think you copied the menu from another patch, pre-populated with the devices on your system. You need two more objects to actually make it adapt to different users.


    So, replace this:


    With this:


    and you should be set.

    ...on that problem anyway.

    I'm also seeing a bunch of errors in my Max window when I open the patch. Missing bpatcher files, it looks like - you're probably relying on some share folders that aren't included.

    specifically modeshift.pat, the various mode/scale patches (melodic_minor_changes etc).

    And then vj.banger is probably an external we need to install.

    I'm also seeing some "$" variable out of range (1) errors, but I think supplying the missing files will correct that.

  • oh thanks dood! i'm actually patchin away on this right now. i was aware of some of the errors you posted about. will check out the others too. i won't post the patch again until it's finished properly i think.

    i guess it's kind of bad practice to post half assed noob patches.

  • Nah. Posting patches of any kind gets people involved in the conversation, which helps you learn faster so you can produce full-assed patches. =)

    And just to further contradict you, here's another half-finished patch of my own:

  • i made good progress with this today! will post up a wholly improved version soon.

  • Any updates for this app?
    and possible adaption for the new button-less arc devices?


  • ha, i've kind of abandoned this app to be honest! i had actually gotten a good few iterations beyond what i posted here but it remains unfinished, and rather amateur to be honest!

    i don't think you could get much better than setting the midi out on EDW to point towards a synth and turning down the volume sliders for the FM synth in that app.

  • Thank you for your reply!
    Will try that!