[Album] Between The Grain

  • Took a break from edm and went with "Heavy Industrial Black Metal Dub Hop"

    ...lol, I don't expect anyone to like this either.


  • Sounds like your childhood was less troubled than mine. But only by a little.

  • 2 rajas!

    I appreciate your comments.



    Dude this is one sick, dark, twisted and sinister album. I love the death metal vocals. They sound like tormented spirits. Great production man. I love how progressive yet cohesive it is. Great job man. Just my 2 pennies about the mix, sometimes the double kick cuts thru way better then other times. Again i love it. i'm not a huge metal fan but I'm just so surprised at how much i like this. I will download this for sure!

  • wow man thanks alot :)

    I just had fun with this one! haha