Max 5.19 released


    With osx 10.7 compatibility and the following asyncread no longer ignores the @window

    -live.* restores to the default value when pressing delete key

    -table no longer crashes when instantiated with incorrect arguments

    -live.gain~ and live.slider drawing improvements when slider background color's alpha is set to 0

    -ad_coreaudio fix for problems with Digidesign driver sampling rate changes in Max

    -large messages (> 256) no longer leak memory

    -pattrstorage: pattrstorage objects inside of poly~ patchers are properly initialized (for instance, priority, autorestore, etc.). Previously, only the first instance was correctly initialized.

    -pattr: in parameter mode, single-atom int blob values are no longer automatically converted to floats.

    -jit.textfile: reports 'read ' on file read, like and others

    -jit.qt.record: timescale argument to 'write' message is no longer ignored.

    -jsjitter: fixed potential crash while calling Jitter object functions from JavaScript. @unique 1 no longer interferes with @loopnotify 1 with @loop 0 on Windows

    -mxj: fix for crash on constructor with missing class or jar

    -chucker~: rewrite in order to solve step ordering and memory issues - affects Buffershuffler Max for Live device

  • thanks for the update.

  • Hmm ~chucker rewrite, very very interesting.

  • Hello

    Monomeserial (bridge) does not recognize my monome's with this update..

    With Monomesrial 0.3 I have full Latency and its not possible to work with this and this is for 1 monome...

    Monomeserial 0.2 work fine!!
    just this is for 1 monome..

    Anyone have solution for me?

    And sorry for my English ;-)

    Many thanks for the monomer's Community

    Ps: Mac osx 10.7.1

  • pffui ok i find it:

    After my update the files from zeronconf.mxo is deleted in max folder..

    Euh...many thanks :-)