purchase decision: imac 2,7GHz Quad i5 vs. MBP 2,3GHz Dual i5

  • hello friends.

    need a little purchase decision. had post some months ago, which was very helpful.

    now, i have just two machine which could fit.

    for which one would you go? portability is not first priority for me. And i have already an good monitor screen. so screensize would be negligible.

    Just need a good working machine which runs max runtime with couple of apps in the same time and ableton with some audio effects and Native Instruments Maschine Software.

    If you think that an imac Quad Core i5 is overdone for my purpose, so i would rather go for an MBP Dual Core i5 and have the plus to have an portable good working machine. I like the idea to have a small portable notebook and at home just plug it into a screen to have a luxurious view.

    I was a bit concerned, as i saw a friend of mine running max runtime, serialosc, mash and some other apps in the same time on this brand new MBP 2,3GHz Dual Core i5 4 GB RAM as the bad coloured ball keeps on appearing.

    Actually, thought about to get the MBP and just adding the max. ammount on RAM which would be 8 GB RAM for better performance.

    new edition 256, arc4, old 128, Native Instruments Maschine.

    Thanks for your help and comments in advance!!

  • I suggest going for something with an Core i7 CPU. And considering the price of an iMac with i7 and the fact that portability is not an issue, you get an iMac Core i7 for the price of a MacBookPro with i5 or even less.

  • I'd go for the 13" i7 machine if you can afford it, I use one of them and it's very good for softsynths such as Aalto and the like. With 8gb ram I can get about 21-23% cpu load on the ableton performance test. Max runtime doesn't really dent the cpu at all, maybe 5-7% depending on the patch.

    I would not buy an i5 right now personally, it's good to have the headroom on the CPU and the extra L3 cache will come in handy as well.

    I really didn't want to refresh my machine for another 2 years when I made this decision, and for me I thought the i7 would handle newer software 2-3 years down the line.

  • Get the biggest best you can afford. Quad core i7, 16 gb ram and solid state drive are crucial performance specs. Other than that, the CPU speeds are negligible in the range. I have both of your choices and the maxed out iMac shows virtually no major performance gains over the MBP even when taxed with serious HD video production. Having said that, I like the best I can afford, and want/ expect serious performance. The new iMacs spec'd out are pretty fabulous with dual drives and such. AppleCare is much cheaper for the iMac, so take that extra savings and upgrade for performance. Ram and SSDs are the biggest factors in performance gains and I can attest to the difference as night and day in speed over lower ram and spinning discs. Seconds vs minutes. No contest. Spend your money now while you can buy something useful with it. It won't be long til you cannot buy anything with it.

  • mmmhhh.....

    i´m tempted to go for an macbookpro. like the option of portability and at home to plug an external screen and so on...

    so. yeah.

    two options

    13" 2,7 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, maybe 128 GB SSD HD
    15" 2.0 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, maybe 128 GB SSD HD

    don´t wanna go too crayzayay.

    for which one would you go?

  • don't get the ssd from apple... you can buy one yourself and replace the drive for way less... keep in mind that 128 gb may not be enough space for all your software + music + samples.. especially if you want to use this computer for everyday stuff too.

    I'd also say to go 15", I find the 13" to be a bit too mini for me

  • "....don't get the ssd from apple... you can buy one yourself and replace the drive for way less..."

    aye. thats a good tip. i just saw, you can get an 256 GB for the same money apple charges for an 128 GB.

    gonna put all the stuff i don´t need every day on an external hdd and use this mbp as my pure music computer.

    ...and performance wise?

  • dont get ram from them either. get it on the internet

  • Here's my 2 cents. I recently purchased a MBP i7 and this is what I tell friends that ask:

    Decide what you want on apple's website (best place to see the latest available), then check amazon. I have Amazon Prime. So I was able to get a machine with no sales tax and free 2 day shipping. If you don't have prime you can sign up for a free year if you're a student.... I recommend it! Make sure you purchase from AMAZON and not some other supplier. Once you start searching it can get confusing but make sure the "seller information" says amazon.com. I'm picky about it, but maybe you're not. Make sure you get the exact model your wanting from apple.....if you're unfamiliar this may take some googlin'

    For RAM and SSDs I go with Other World Computing. They are the shiz. They got great prices, a great reputation, and have rebates for whatever you're replacing (RAM HDs etc.) check em out.

  • monoaural

    You can get an external case to put the old 2.5" driver in for less than $20... so you could technically turn the internal drive that ships with the computer in to your external!

  • cheese, how much did you save on the MBP getting it through amazon?

  • It was a little over $200.