New Pauk Monome Video Up On Vimeo



  • Very nice indeed. Pauk do you ever listen to Mouse On Mars?

    I used to be a huge fan back in college. Autoditacker and Vulvaland were my favorite albums. If you've never listened to these albums I think you might like them. Your stuff is right up there for me.

    Can't wait for the album!

  • Pau amazes me with his genius and live performance.

  • hella skills pau...
    so fresh....
    production is top top notch dude!

  • Hi guys, thanks so much for these comments! Thanks antiphon for post it!
    I'm pretty excited for this release, debut in the US market :)
    Would love to get some gigs... to visit you all
    @egon, i think i was in a mouse on mars gig a long time ago in a festival but i will recheck their music and will try to get this album!

    btw, the album will be released 10/11/11 :D

  • that was radically slick in such a loving fashion. Nice!