OMG! sexxxiest mk build EVER?????

  • scroll down a bit, past the glorious 5u DIY module to see an 80's inspired love explosion! i want one!

  • Frack, that is awesome! I even like the staggered grid.

  • the actual post is right here:

    and yeah, @active, this thing is amazing! it must not be used any kind of lengthy step sequencer, though, given how the buttons are scattered about in little groups of 4x4.

  • that thing is pretty darn rad.

  • 'fruit-bazooka', hahaha!



  • Reminds me of some of Jeff Snyder's creations

  • someone should use that to make the whole soundtrack to the next inevitable TRON remake

  • @iamgoldman
    You'll have to wait a bit, they're on a 28 year release cycle. Tron 3: 2038

  • Brilliant! I loved this monome in that episode.

  • haha raja i know exactly which episode you're talking about, where he seduces that woman by dancing with her. he goes up to the space organist and says "play something a little more funky, y'know, with a rhythm, like [proceeds to make sounds with his mouth]"

    yeah, this item is blowing my mind right now.
    +1 to raja for the OLD bsg reference
    +1 to vlad for NEW bsg reference (what with the non-swearing swear word)
    +1000000 to the maker of this piece of amazing from the retro future

  • Lazernome. pew! pew! pew!

  • You guys are way too kind! Thanks for posting a link to this. I didn't think I would see this here yet, since I only posted it in a few small forums a few days ago. I wrote a little more of the build info in this Highly Liquid forum thread:

    I also posted a YouTube teaser months earlier when I was testing the Monome section:

    I have since fixed the 2 LED's that didn't work in that video. I also broke my rule of never talking in videos, oh well.

    Here is a link to my photobucket album where there is a bunch of pics of it:

    Thanks for being a really awesome community and noticing stuff like this.

  • Thanks for posting direct links to info. I had given up on ever finding it in that near-endless thread, and would have missed out on something truly fantastic.

    Nice work on the device. I love the design, and it came out really well!