supercollider version of otomata

  • I just finished building my arduinome so I thought I would try writing an application for it in supercollider. I decided to write an otomata clone which is a fun generative sequencer (

    I thought I'd share my work with anyone who might be interested. You can find a video and my code here:

    Please let me know if you use the code, or find any bugs, or have any suggestions.


    [Edit: added midi output and variable grid size]
    [Edit: fixed bug in midi note off messages. seems to work now]

  • a couple of suggestions: MIDI output would be really, really nice, and being able to use it with an autodetected grid-size would be that there's no need to rewrite the app between 64, 128, and 256 monomes. there are some monome classes for supercollider that may do the trick. i think tehn is working on getting serialosc integrated with SC, which makes talking to grids even easier.

    thanks a bunch for this app! i'm always grateful for more open-source, cross-platform applications.

    I was wishing for a Monome version of otomata to exist, and I kept thinking that I'd have to try building it, but honestly it's beyond my skill level. So, I'm completely indebted to you. And so excited to try this out. Haven't messed with Supercollider in years - hope I can figure that out. Downloading now!

  • i wrote a version in reaktor too

    it's in the user library, named 'automata'

    it has midi output and an 8x8 grid.

    not really adapted to monome use quite yet but i'm sure it could be very easily

  • just so y'all know, ricochet has been around since may, and does midi and a bunch of other stuff. however, it's written in max/msp, which means it's not nearly as friendly to linux types. no way for me to hack anything in max, whereas this supercollider version is accessible.

  • Yeah, just found Ricochet - I'm late to the party, but already it looks awesome. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the suggestions! I think it should be pretty easy to add midi support and adapt the program to an arbitrary grid size. I'll post back when I've made those updates.

  • I uploaded a new version that enables:

    1) midi output
    2) an argument that allows the user to specify the grid size (only tested on 8x8)

  • I can't access your webpage providing the code!