FS/FT: Tenori-on Orange, Launchpad, Nocturn, MIDI Fighter, iStage

  • Hi everyone,
    Looking to invest in NI's Maschine so I am selling the Tenori-on and Launchpad which are in mint condition. Please let me know if anyone is interested in buying or trading with NI Maschine.
    I have a Novation Nocturn a MIDI Fighter & even an iCon Global's iStage if anyone is interested.

  • how much would you like for the midi fighter man?

  • $150 for the MIDI Fighter email me if interested.


  • sent an email about the orange tenori-on.

  • replied to all emails and whispers.
    thanks for all the interest.

  • price drop bump. Really want to sell these so email me if you are interested.

  • everything gone except tenori-on and one midi fighter classic. Let me know if anyone is interested in buying or trading.

  • how much for the tenori-on

  • 500 USD for tenori on.

  • what? the icon global istage wasn't vaporware?
    how much? where did you get it? can the LEDs be independently controlled?

  • Yes it does exist. You can get one from Juno uk. LEDs are controllable but a firmware update messes that up.