Ordering - Google checkout - Delivery to another country

  • I'm very seriously considering ordering a device on Friday. I have a couple of questions.

    I'm currently in the UK, I've set up my Google Checkout account specifically for the monome sale.

    I'd like to have the device shipped to Canada, as have family there and I'm going to be there for a while. I'll be there about three weeks after shipping starts.

    I intend to contact my credit card company in advance, asking that they make a note in their systems to say I intend to make this purchace.

    So, assuming that I'm lucky and can order a device, are there any other problems I should expect or is there anything I can do in advance to ensure smooth sailing? Will Google checkout have a prolem with me being in one country trying to deliver to another.

    As always, thanks in advance.

    P.S. Is the shipping trackable?

  • tracking, yes.

    you may need to put your shipping address as your billing address in order for it to go smoothly. it's no problem if you encounter a problem-- your order will be reserved. you can e-mail us with a delivery address change if needed.

    the device will definitely be in canada by the time you arrive. much before, actually.

  • tehn,

    thank you.