mk encoder breakout

  • hello everyone.

    posted a new little board to the front page. it's not strictly a new product by any means. just a helpful little breakout board if you'd like to take advantage of the mk's aux port.

    the new firmwares are all finished. assembly guides forthcoming.

    i'm offering blank board because i think that non-monome projects could use these as well-- they tile perfectly-- you could chain tons of boards together for a mega-encoder-controller-thing.

  • please forgive my technical ignorance

    but does this mean mean i could build an arc
    for under $200?

    logic + encoder breakout + driver = 150

    am i missing something?

  • absolutely not.

    the encoders are very low resolution, and there's no practical way to interface the LEDs.

    you would be able to map encoder messages to arc apps, but it'd still be a bit awkward.

  • @GLIA,

    You're missing the LED rings, a button on each encoder, a good deal of resolution, and any programming at all that supports arc apps through this configuration.

    So, no to your first question, yes to your second one.

    Edit: Well, that was redundant. I type too slow.

  • i see

    thanks for the clarification on that

  • What would the maximum number of endcoders per logic board be?

    I dream of having a rotary encoder version of a Doepfer Drehbank!

  • My turn for an ignorant question.

    Can I build this into it's own enclosure and usb it separately? Then use it for some kind of volume/pan/lfo contol for a monome in max?

  • no ignorant questions here-- much information wasn't posted.

    1 encoder board per logic kit.

    yes, you could only use the logic kit plus the encoder board and have a standalone usb 8-knob thing-- i tried it, works well.

    with an arduino and a few extra chips (shift registers-- 75hc165 daisy chained) you could chain a huge number of these things together.

  • awesome! thanks tehn for posting the extra information so i know which direction to look toward and what i'll have to start learning as i've never done any of this hardware build stuff before!

  • Hi tehn,

    this looks great, im interested in the technicalities. I assuming you are polling the encoders in a timer, rather than being interrupt driven? I guess you can poll the shift registers quick enough that you dont miss steps on the encoders

  • yes and yes. these are low resolution it'd be very difficult to miss a pulse. they're also debounced using capacitors, since the encoders are mechanical (not optical, like the arc).

  • you could also make a cable between between your monome and breakoutboard i guess.

  • the mk-enc is very undeveloped and will require custom patches if you'd like to get much out of it. the mk-enc-test patch shows how to route the signals. i'll throw together a quick midi cc patch which will give some base functionality if custom patches aren't an option.

    also i believe only about a dozen people have these mk-enc breakouts, and who knows how many of those actually built them!

  • Sounds groovy! I'll be working on my end to make a patch--would be my first attempt at messing with editing patches.

  • I am not able to create this maxpatch mod anytime soon, as my experience is far more limited than I thought. Is there any way you could bang out a simple patch that works for basic cc mapping?

  • the knobs app should be of help.

  • @ 'tini

    This patch is great! It recognizes my encoders on adc ports 2&3, now to get the 4 right hand side bars to move. Is this a simple numbers adjust or more complex?

  • Should be simple. Open up the patch and sniff around. My guess is that your encs are numbered 0-7...

  • @robot: i'm not sure what you mean by adc 2&3 ?

  • @tehn: I'm referring to the ADC #s on my mk logic board

    @thee oh teaknee: they're labeled 3-8 on the encoder board and into ADC 2-7 (0 & 1 are being used for accelerometer)

  • Quick question for an old thread as I am looking to do an mk (long story).

    As these use the same enc setup as arcs, though with much lower resolution and under the mk protocol, would it indeed be feasible to track their movements to arc apps? Would I have to have a max patch to route their messages somehow as arc messages?

    Also, tehn, any encoder breakout boards remaining?

  • let's revive an old thing. i just found and assembled my kit. anyone put theirs together and/or use it? i'm about to dive in, i'll share anything i come up with.

  • @active

    i have and i do, or at least i used to. the firmware for mk which include encoders had been finicky up until now, when i physically sent in my monome for tehn to look at and write a new mk firmware for me. then people noticed that the mk firmware didn't play well with monome_sum, so tehn updated the mk firmware, but left out the encoders. so i'm still waiting on a rewrite.

    about the encoders: i find they are great for slow turns/rotation, they are just a bit too small to turn quickly and also fluidly. also i found the numbers they output jump around a bit so i wrote a quick fix (attached). I also found the knobs a bit too close together, but maybe it's just my fat fingers. you could probably somehow extend/modify them to make them more accessible.

    they're great for increasing gain, or adjusting parameters for effects. i've also been developing with Mira to do the same, but that is adding another piece of hardware and the simplicity of just the monome is nice.

    @tehn seems like i'm always prodding you for a mk rewrite, ha. i'm being a bit more laidback on this one because, as mentioned above, i'm starting to integrate my iPad, but anytime you can, would love that mk update. thanks