Welcome new Monome owners. [Sept 2011 Edition]

  • Now begins the longest few weeks of your life until the device is delivered to your homes.

    Welcome to the club!

  • i impulse-bought an arc4 to complement my 256 a few hours ago. my performance-sampling application just reverse-aged three versions due to tentative feature additions.

  • ya'll are gangsters

  • when my arc 4 and monome kit come in i'm finally gonna know what it feels like to be a little kid at christmas again. now for the (seemingly) eternal wait of about a month...

  • Can not wait for my 128 to arrive. But I'll just try and get some sounds ready to slice and dice in the weeks to come while awaiting my monome treasure.
    aww yeeeaaahh

  • just bought myself a monome kit. saves the the time of screwing around with building an arduinome.

    time to get some enclosure designing going :).

    $260 well spent

  • YEHAW! Just ordered a 128 to compliment the 64 and my MPC. My wife has been making noises about selling the 64.....maybe see someone soon in the trade section of the forum!

  • been using the 8x8 Launchpad for a while with polygome, 64fingers, and a few others...
    finally getting the real deal...!
    arc 4 & 128!!!
    life is complete! :)

  • welcome new monome owners.


  • Welcome new lawn-gnome moaners!

  • yes! cheers! got my first nome and a kit

  • my plan was to sit out this round...

    and i ended up impulse buying mk guts.


  • Cheers to new users and welcome to the one of the best communities on the intertubes.

  • GS 128 ordered, I'll continue to try and debug my arduinome build as a background task.

    Thanks for all your patience with my ordering problems.

  • welcome all and thank you! we're very busy and hope to get these in your hands as soon as possible.

  • welcome! and when you get the monome, look forward to pouring over this forum and obsessing over ways you can play with your new toy! It's surprisingly fulfilling. say goodbye to your family for a few weeks ;)

  • I was doubting, but at the end ordered a gs128 a few days ago. It seems this time devices aren´t come out as quickly as other times.
    Maybe people preffer walnut editions, (I own a gs64 and I love this minimal design piece), or maybe ipad apps/emulators other controllers are geeting more popular.
    Yeah, price of the devices don´t help, damn crisis-world financial rippoff!!