chronome - RGB & pressure sensitive apps in the future

  • hello friends.

    i´m very curious about this.

    how would you assess the developement for the applications of the chronome which supports pressure sensity and RGB colors?

    would like to start a new mk monome/mk chronome project and build my own grid interface, just not to sure which way to go....

  • Hi Monoaural,

    I'm getting together with a bunch of people from the forums here to organize a group buy of the boards in a week or two. You are more than welcome to join that if you'd like. Hit me up on the flipmu email.

    As far as apps at this point... its still pretty new. I'm finishing my Thesis this year, so I've unfortunately been too busy to spend the time I'd like to build some new apps. Having said that, Jordan and I have almost finished a C++ app that lets you pick color per button, and setup the button behavior for midi (toggle, trigger, note).