new album: ioflow - Ghost i/o


    debut album released 9/10/11. free download. solo acoustic piano, nine tracks, thirty minutes.

    six tracks have been completely remastered from the originals on soundcloud. the rest are brand new, composed just for this record.


  • thank you! enjoyed the interjections of pause in 20110725 and the collaboration with j.s.

    what piano are you using?

  • Thanks for sharing.

    Reminds me strongly of Goldmund, which is all I'm listening to these days.


  • @tehn:

    i play a yamaha n100.

    for "what was lost," check out the track notes. was the result of some raw audio jared posted to his site as part of his creative one-a-day efforts. i'd been doing my own one-a-day for a week or so already, and soon as i heard that piezo mic burning so enchantingly, i knew i wanted to make my own day's creative project an improvised piano session over the top of the lo-fi fire track. it worked out so beautifully.


    i haven't heard of goldmund before, but thanks for mentioning him. will check it out. i always appreciate pointers to good music.

  • cheers for the free dl, will pop it on the headphones the next busride I have