Tell me about your live setup

  • I've been using only my 128 to perform dubstep and hip hop sets for a while now, but I'm not sure if I'm using my monome to the fullest. I'm running mlrv2, like a lot of people out there. I've thought about getting a kaoss pad to add some groovy effects and breakdowns to my sets, but I'm not really sure.

    Given this, I'd love to hear from all of the people on here who play live. What do you use besides your monome, if anything? What software are you running on your monome when you play live?

    Lets hear about those tools! and post pictures if you want. I know we all love gear porn!

  • you could save some cost and use your monome as a type of kaoss pad utilizing pages and trails with mlrv2.

  • I use my monome a little different when I perform live. I have it next to my apc40 and run everything through ableton. I'm currently using my gs64 to trigger midi clips in ableton and send them to resolume so that I can use it as sort of a big tv remote to trigger various video samples I've cut up...I've also used 7up during live performances as I can trigger clips but also effects and play some of the parts out live.

    The kaoss pad is definitely cool and I know guys like Jon Hopkins and Brian Eno swear by them.

  • there's already an existing thread on live performance rigs. you really should read through it; there are a lot of great ideas and tips.

    edison's made good use of the kaoss + chopped beats approach.

  • live setups are for chump suckas. i prefer a dead setup:
    2 parts gasoline, 1 part fiya, 3 to get ready, now... no wait a sec...

  • thanks a ton for the link, nightmorph. I should have just searched.. that was rather dense of me ;)

    If anyone still wants to post in here though, I know IM listening!

  • I probably should have named that thread something more searchable, my bad.

    After much contemplation, trial and error, I decided to just use a clip launcher live. When I write music, I'm not thinking how I can translate it live, so I end up with some rather long melodic passages, in addition to tiny loops. MLR or molar didn't make sense. 7up would be great, but I use so many different synths and patches that it would be a huge CPU hog to keep them all running for live use, not to mention the sample mangling that can't be done live.

    So I'm now thinking of getting a launchpad for clip launching, and writing a max patch for monome to control effects. I really like trails, but sadly, monome kits' buttons aren't as easy to press as a grayscale's are, limiting the usefulness of that patch. 64insanity is pretty awesome, and I might use that as a starting point for my patch. I don't think faders are very monome-y, with it's extremely limited resolution, but the "speed" part is really awesome, like a portamento for effects. I'm still brainstorming what exactly it is that I want to write, but that will likely be part of it.

    I love what galapagoose is doing, it's a lot more live in that he's actually playing his devices like instruments rather than using them to control a computer.

    I actually had a ton of fun using Raja's monomahna (do dooo da-doo do) as a "live remix" tool. I likely wouldn't use it as a primary performance tool, but it was a really fun way to get a few more minutes into my set!

  • I bookmarked these ones once:

    and this one: