RGB PCBs Octinct - Up for grabs, looking to get back to original owner.

  • hello,

    a while ago there was a thread which organized the posting of some RGB PCB boards to some interested folks on the forum.

    unfortunately I can no longer remember the name of the thread or the original poster who sorted it out and sent them.

    point is, i feel incredibly bad that these boards have sat unused and untouched. partly due to my incredibly poor soldering skills and also due to getting a fully functional and assembled RGB monome from mudo.

    so i'd really like to return these boards to the original poster or pass them on to someone new who can make use of them.

    please bear with my incredible poor technical knowledge on these matters, i have:
    2 4x4 led/button boards
    2 smaller boards with lots of holes and text such as "BOUT" "LED" "MAX7219CNG" "R1 20K".
    1 smaller board which says "OCTINCT" at the top with "unsped@gmail.com" written at the bottom.

    so, if anyone knows who these originally belonged to or if you would like them let me know. not looking to sell them, will only ask for postage. would love to send them on for free but i literally have no money, in fact less than no money, a whole lot of debt, heh.

  • Hey Myr,

    If I remember correctly it was Rud, I will see if I can find some proof.


  • Ill take them if the original poster doesnt want them, id be able to complete it no bother. Let me know James!
    I can always take care of the hardware side if you want to try some software?

  • @ stax67
    Thanks a lot! Got no contact details for Rud, hopefully he won't mind.

    cool beans man. love them to go to a good home where they might actually get some use.
    at the minute i just don't have any time to get into new projects. really need to get this m4lc business a bit further along, finish my standalone max environment and do some remixes! if you take care of the hardware i'd love to get programming some funky rgb lights one day though!
    message me your address and i'll get them posted over tomorrow.

  • no worries bro! ill let u know when ive got em!

  • Just back from the post office.

    They're on the way to you now!

    Went the proper cheap option with 2nd Class so it was only 92p, so no worries about money.

    Good luck with 'em man!

  • awesome man! thank you!

    ill keep you updated.