new track

  • sooo... first track in a couple of months. i hope you all like it! it's a remake of a song by ecuador's can can. tell me what you think!

  • Really enjoyed the track. Nice work!

    Back on the horse indeed.

  • You made my day (morning), thanks !

    Reminds me a bit of Matia Bazar,
    really nice track !

  • @antiphon

    thanks! i'm happy you enjoyed it! w00t!!

    @areo sono

    that matia bazar prompted a google search. solo tu is WEIRD... i like it a lot! thank you for that wonderful reference! it's gonna be an interesting night with matia bazar!

  • great work ricardo! very soothing, really clear, good production.

  • that was sick genko, loved it!

    now when you comin back to the states and chillin? =P

  • @genko: check out "vacanze romane", an outstanding song !

  • as watson says - clarity - such a brilliantly clear and smooth remake. Did you have access to the stems? Wondering how you got the vocals out so nicely...

  • @watson

    thanks frank! i look forward to hearing more of your new music!


    w00t! thanks! as for the U.S. trip, i might (MIGHT!) go to l.a. this year's and to play at FMLY fest but it's still on the drawing board... lima-l.a.-lima tickets aren't cheap...

    @areo sono

    will do!


    i'm glad you enjoyed it! hahaha, yeah, i always liked that blurb thing... very to-the-point, methinks

    @declutter formally known as rross101

    hey! i hadn't seen you in a while! how's it going?? i did have access to the stems. can can was kind enough to send them over my way. thanks for the kind words!

  • beautiful! Excellent rebound!

    If you pass by NY in your travels, do make sure it is known!

  • @PixAle

    thanks! i hope i do for i love that city...