Stretta's beat factory


    looking good!

  • Thx for posting, gonna have a look...

    Yeah, I love the look of his (latest) GUIs!
    (The color scheme is much like maschine, a very pretty combination)

  • cant get this working on win 7 :(

  • excellent

    is this monome-compatible ? (or just mouse-click compatible)

  • Great GUI, but not really all that useful if you ask me.

  • wow, i didn't know this pattr morphing technique ! thank you !

  • I like it!
    Reminds me of some Reaktor ensembles I use with my lemur.
    The morphing is cool, combined with the store function you can get some great sounding loops on a joyful, random approach.
    Sample selection could be made easier, like in Reaktor, where you can choose samples from your .map library. I don´t understand exactly what "sample index" does. I guess it does various offsets on the sample, but the results are strange and can´t be seen in the sample display, but maybe I am missing something, I just started to play around with it a little.
    Mouse click only compatible is less great, but we are all spoiled, aren´t we...hahahaha
    Works on mac osx 10.5.8

    edit: ...oh, automorph and seperate random functions are nice as well !!!

  • I can't get it to work on win7 either. Everything seems to be working, but no sound happens. Not even the little audio meter in the middle shows any sound. But maybe I'm missing some "play" button or something? (other than the dac toggle of course)

  • @willcarter
    open confg. > Audio on (if you haven´t done so yet).
    Also suggested to turn on "Scheduler in Overdrive" and "in audio interrupt", but that´s not so important to get it to work generally.
    Then "DSP on" and "transport on" and turn up the volume in the output window, because it seems all the way down by default.
    Took me a moment to hear something as well.

  • Ya, I did all that, but even with the volume slider all the way up, the audio meter doesn't show anything and I don't hear anything