Arc cases

  • Does anyone make them? I have an Arc2 and I want to travel gracefully with it and keep its beauty intact.



    - c

  • temp solution: that rubbery shelf liner stuff. i wrapped my 'nomes in em before i got a fancy felt case. there are people on etsy that can make custom felt cases too. i got my 64 case from this one:

  • I've had two cases made by 'PinsnNeedlesCases' one for my GS64 and one for my Walnut 128. - They're really nice and tough! (custom thick felt with velcro fasten)

    - FYI the silicon on GS64 doesn't slide in as easily as the walnut - so if you're considering a felt case for a GS series - I'd recommend you get it made with a little extra room.

    - My soon to be shipped ARC4 will also be needing a felt case! :-)

  • wrapped in a smelly tshirt at the bottom of my bag. that's how i roll.

  • I usually use a wool sock

  • no need to be nasty, myles.

  • Nasty?? You saw the sock... :p

    edit: ohhhh I use cotton ones for that 0o0o0o