Robot Push Key - Live 20110917

  • I played live last weekend, thought I'd share it. It's kinda noise/experimental with a lot of improvisation going on. With Renoise/Bidule as the foundation, all controlled with a 40h through Pages. Some parts are Nanoloop on Gameboy Advance.

  • renoise! i'd love to know you use renoise live. duplex?

  • Yep, I used Duplex: Record to record loops on one part. Mostly Renoise just ran a simple MIDI sequence while I tweaked the gear. And I also used line-in through effects chain.

  • This is very experimental and trippy. I like it!

    Would you consider making it available to download for use as a sample?

  • Sure, I've enabled downloads. Let me know if you make something of it. :)