exclude arduino device from arduinome serial

  • i am trying to run arduinome serial with my arduinome (starfire) 256 at the same time that i have another arduino based device (my laser harp) plugged into another usb port on my PC.

    if i open arduinome serial first it shows 5 devices, the 4 for the arduinome 256 and a 5th one for the laser harp arduino, and i cannot connect to the laser harp through another app.

    if i open my laser harp MaxMSP app, which uses the max serial object, arduinome serial crashes when i try to open it.

    is there some way i can tell arduinome serial to only connect to the 4 devices representing my 256? if so, i am hoping i can connect directly to the 5th arduino with my other app.

    if i can't figure this out this way, i may have to figure out how to create a sketch on the laser harp arduino that produces output like the arduinome firmware and then take the OSC output from arduinome serial for this. i would prefer not to have to do this...

  • Switching to SerialOSC would also solve your problem.

    (It supports arduinomes, but won't see devices whose serial numbers aren't formatted appropriately. I'm assuming your laser harp wouldn't match the same pattern)

  • Thanks for the quick response GTZ.

    Does SerialOSC now support arduinome on windows?

  • only in git. there's no packaged installer, though it should be coming soon.

  • been in "soon come" mode for a while...

  • i did end up making a new version of my laser harp sketch the produces output like the arduinome firmware, and i have things working - more or less - the way i want them to using the OSC output of arduinome serial.

  • True enough. I downloaded and installed mine manually forever ago. Didn't realize the installer wasn't out, but also didn't realize it was on its way either.

    Who should we bug to get that installer made?

    Also? I want a laser harp. Jealous.

  • Gtz-can you instruct me how to do a manual installation?

    Also, I might be willing to manufacture a laser harp... interested?

  • I've been waiting for quite some time now for the arduinome support in serialOSC on windows, +1 for getting that done...

  • I just re-read everything in the other thread.

    It's not an installer we're stuck on exactly, but a compiled binary. It sounds like the git repository (I can't find the URL to investigate further) has updated source files, but the file "libmonome.dll" is where those changes should live, will not be found there. So, back to square one.

    If the one file you need were up to date in the repository, you could just manually download that to replace the copy you have installed, without the need of a fancy installer to put it in the right directory and stuff. But it definitely sounds (again, I can't verify) like that isn't the case.


    I'll go bump the other thread, and email Brian to make sure he's aware of the situation. I mean, it's not stalled at the programming level where Will's expertise is absolutely needed. It's stalled at a mechanical level which could be theoretically handled by anyone with the right software installed on the right machine. We should be able to delegate around that sort of bottleneck, yes?