controller suggestion please help

  • was wondering if there is anyway to make or if anyone knows of a controller that has 12 or more rotary knobs or something with banks so i can control perimeters on effects in ableton.

  • just got one of these last month. pretty nice.

  • I've got a Faderfox LV2 (although there is a newer version out these days) and while it only has six knobs (encoders) there is a toggle button that allows you to map six parameters to 'group 1' and six more to 'group 2.' I've been really happy with it.

    It plays really well with Ableton, too.

  • the original x-session is nice if you can still find it.

    the kenton kill-a-mix has bankable knobs

    scs-3m touch mixer has banks of faders

    beringer bcr-2000 has more knobs than you might need ;]

  • Phat-Boy controller has 16 MIDI knobs, don't know if it is still made.