Anyone have a MachineDrum they're looking to part with?

  • Or know where I can get one in the UK on finance for a decent price?

  • Check over here. I got mine here and it got delivered today. Sweet:)

  • cheers bud.

  • Still Looking.....

  • did you see the listing on the above link mate!

  • yeah i commented on it bro, will try to convince a trade of some cash and an ipad 2 as i dont have the funds :(!

  • I have a 6 mths old MD UW MKII + Drive for sale.
    Mint condition. Hardly used

    1000 GBP

    Also a GS64 if interested?

  • cheers jacob, but i can buy new from for 1050 or used for around 850 average, and the occasional hovering at 600-700.

  • Good point,
    I'm based in DK and instruments is insanely expensive here because of import taxes. i'll give it some more time locally :)

  • Hi Dean,
    There's this one on ebay:

    I was tempted myself, but need to curb my addiction. Seems like a good deal given it's essentially brand new and has the +drive and TM-1 midi interface. The guy selling seems to have sold similar stuff in the past and had decent feedback.


  • Cheers mark! I'm keeping my eye on the bay quite strictly, I missed on at 500 the other day on best offer! I'll get there eventually haha. I know I'm having serious gear issues just now. My accounts have seen better days

  • Dean, are you still looking for an MD?

    Got a Mk2 non +Drive with TM1 i'm looking to shift.

  • Hey mate, got one days after my last post! Cheers though. Glad i didnt go for a +drive version too :D.