8x8 firewire mixer in existence?

  • Are there any smaller mixers that, like the 16x16 Mackie Onyx 1640i, can receive firewire on every channel? If not, what is the likelihood of such a mixer being produced?

  • Maudio nrv-10

  • i have an nrv10 for sale actually. you can record 8 channels all at once. Only selling it as i have been trying to slim down my live rig with an emu 1616.

    Allen and Heath do some big 16,24 and 32 channel firewire mixers that i think look great.

  • Thanks, fellas. I overlooked that option.

    How much are you looking for, shysta?

  • £200 + POSTAGE. Its in really good condition and i think i have all the free software in my attic along with the original box.

  • Decided on a non-firewire analog mixer. Routing options outweighed minimizing plugging of cables. Plus, I remembered I like plugging cables!

  • It seems at this point in gear history, the very flexible firewire mixers are still too expensive for me.

  • What did you go for in the end? I'm looking for a cheap small format mixer. Allen and heath zed 10 looks good...

  • After considering the zed 10, I went with the soundcraft mfxi 8 for the extra channels, faders, direct outs (one click on the channel inserts) and the good sounding onboard reverbs help take a load off my old laptop while mixing.