usb device hacking?

  • hi,

    i have a nuke controller which i'd love to use as a controller in conjunction with my 40h. it would make my faderfox lust go away. the nuke is the custom controller that came with the neuron vs soft synthesizer. it's well-built, quite heavy but perfect size, has 4 endless knobs, a button and a small joystick:

    using nuke as a midi controller is possible with a little bit of hacking and a product called nuke4all actually already exists for this... but its for osx:

    i use win xp and would need an equivalent to nuke4all or in fact just some kind of interface to maxmsp/pd so I can use the endless knobs with my own monome apps. according to the creator of nuke4all (stephan bernsee, the dsp guru who also wrote the neuron engine) it is quite trivial, but he doesn't want to do this for windows:

    "You can see everything that's happening (vendor, product id and so forth) with any good USB monitor/prober. Implementing the code to get the parameters from the (and unmangling them) isn't too hard, but I wouldn't want to write it on Windows myself."

    i've been mucking around with a usb probe called sniffusb but i haven't really got a clue where to start. has anyone done anything similar to this? any idea of how to fetch the info that is sent from the nuke, into maxmsp? could an existing object in maxmsp be of use?

    any help would be appreciated. thanks :)

  • the hui object in max/msp will achieve what you need in minutes. check the help file.

    it's quite easy to detect packet combinations. for usb mostly you get two bytes. the first is the "controller number" and the second is the current value.

    so each knob would have it's own number. you can map per number to a cc, then scale the incoming values.

    i might be able to dig up an example, but the help file really shows it all.

  • you mean the hi object, right? i tried that one. when i send the "info" message to it in the help file it just says '0 devices' :(

    perhaps it's more usable on a mac than on pc? i read about it in this thread:

    thanks for you help, tehn

    edit: tried to find a gamepad i had laying around with the hi object aswell but no luck... is this object just not working on some winxp-based pc's?

  • yes, hi not hui

    that's weird about it not detecting devices. it works quite well on os x

  • i'm sorry - i was wrong about the gamepad. i restarted maxmsp and it works with the hi object. but the hi object wont detect my nuke controller.

    according to an article on the cycling webpage ( ) maxmsp will detect more devices (keyboard, mouse) on osx than on win xp. a pity..

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