Monome Gathering - LA - (12/12/11)

  • hi friends,

    how does a monome gathering before the years end sound?

    let us coordinate and brainstorm.

    how does december sound for a gathering?

    what sort of venue shall we seek for this meetup?

  • I think we should stand on the street playing Glitchmas carols. Unless it's cold out.

  • i'm totally in sync, and have been working to coordinate some special guests for such an event. we have a possible venue in mind as well - bootleg theater. they've got a stage, theater and gallery space. i'm not sure if it's realistic for this kind of event, but i'm looking into it.

    anyone have any other venue suggestions?

  • Downtown Independent seems a bit big for our usual needs, but depending what you had in mind with your special guests and all, they do seem to be open to our brand of craziness. (They've hosted a NAB afterparty, some Mindshare LA events, and the occasional Dubspot/Thavius Beck Ableton clinic)

    I've always seen that as a venue to aspire to when we get really ambitious.

  • a large space (i've never seen it, mind you) could work well if we invest a lot of time into planning.

  • It's a single screen movie theatre, where presenters can set up tables up front and plug into their projector / sound system. Not much room for dancing in that space, but more than enough seating. Also, the snack bar offers good popcorn, as well as beer and wine (and coffee, and candy).

    There's also a performance space in the lobby, and another one on the roof.

    It's not unusual to have three acts performing concurrently in those various spaces.

    It's the venue I'd suggest for a Gridfest LA finale, if we're up for a LOT of time planning.

  • COUNT ME IN!!!! :D

  • this sounds interesting!

  • Count me in for what ever help you need.

  • Not really; we're just dramatic here.

    It did hit 24 degrees back in '44, though. That must have been somethin'.

  • we should consider alternate spaces that do not require as much manpower.

  • it hailed in santa monica for like five minutes when i was six. the city fell apart.

  • >we should consider alternate spaces that do not require as much manpower. any ideas?

  • Machine Project?

  • This place would be perfect for a bunch of griddies:

  • The Hive does look cool.

  • synchronicity space is pretty small but i know they would be ok with having an event like this and it wouldn't require much man power at all

  • OKAY!

    We're on for Dec 12 (Monday (I know)...but there's a good reason) @ The Downtown Independent. More details as we get closer. If you are interested in performing/presenting/helping/documenting - please send me an email (my username @ gmail). I will do my best to incorporate as many people as possible given the time & resources available. If there are enough performers, we could do a rooftop stage as well (would likely need our own PA for that).

    and thanks for the suggestions, definitely spaces to keep in mind.

    PS -

  • !!! news has arrived. sending you an email.

  • Wonderful to have a home for the next Monomeet of S.C.U.M. (Southern Californian Users of Monome). Of course in the past all have been welcomed and perhaps with a space like this we might need to tighten up the usual schedule free nature of the event. Perhaps a good place to discuss presentations and performances could be here? Certainly the Downtown Independent has a lot of facilities to offer. Hopefully see you all there.

  • excellent. i plan to be there! will be heading up from san diego, if anyone wants to hitch a ride.

  • any cool news?

  • only cool news.

    so far i've gotten confirmations for peformances/presentations from sidebrain, anenon, flip mu, merbert moover, and possibly GTZ. i'm imagining our whole interface la crew will be present as well.

    we'll have a special guest in town, i'll let him tell you guys what's up.

    we're going to have full access to the video projection booth - so anything you can come up with for generating visual content would be awesome. thealphanerd just wrote a nice utility called SerialOSnoopy which duplicates /key & /led events within serialOSC, and sends them to an arbitrary IP/port. ( i've been working slowly on my processing app 'gridgoggles' ( i'll release some code for people to adapt/add to before the show.

  • yo rawray this is exciting!

    did you receive my email?

    i sent it to your username @

  • hey, yeah, i got your email and some others from people that wanted to help out. expect something from me once i have a list of tasks worth delegating...i'll let you guys know. thanks for your enthusiasm!

    right now i'm bogged down worrying about Interface LA on Friday.

  • i'm working on finalizing a bill to send the venue and to start promoting the show. if you'd like to perform or present (and you'd like to be billed) - please let me know asap. we're certainly open to keeping things open, but if you want your name on the flyer then get at me soon.

  • Would anyone be down to let me crash on their place for any day between the dates 12/09 and 12/15. I am highly considering being a part of this and I definitely want to be able to go to the Low End Theory, something I've been wanting to do for like 2 years now.

  • so, monday the 12th. do we know about what time everything will be happening?

  • @ioflow: official confirmation is needed, but I think it'll be more of an evening thing.

    @No Sir: You can crash @ my place after the 11th.

  • yeah...its more of an evening thing....

    official times soon...probably something like 7-midnight...

  • I'm officially in, flight's booked.

    I know it's a stretch, but would anyone be able to pick me up from John Wayne?

  • When does your flight arrive?

    (I'm probably the wrong guy, not being anywhere near Orange County. But if my long drive there after work doesn't leave you stranded for hours at the airport, I'd be happy to help)

  • 1:20 pm's the arrival time on that monday

  • an epic work-in-progress lineup below. get excited...we're seriously stacked! and tell me if i missed you...

    plan on very short sets (15-20 minutes). the presentation/performance categories are for my organizational purposes - don't feel limited and do whatever you want.

    brainstorm ideas for visuals...more details on how we're hoping to execute that soon. (see above, and please chime in.)

    we'll have flyers soon, and we'll need your help in promoting.

    Brian Crabtree & Kelli Cain
    Altitude Sickness
    Merbert Moover
    No Sir E
    Joe Newlin

    Alfred Darlington
    Flip Mu

  • my setlist is more or less exactly 12 minutes; leaves more room for all the much better music from everyone else. i'm more than a little intimidated to be listed on the same roster as all you heavyweights and movers & shakers. which is all of you.

    dudes. i am so looking forward to meeting you all, and seeing you again if i met you at SCUM2 in april.

    this is going to be so sweet!

    as far as visuals go...i'm tryin' to work with artfwo to get griddle to send button/led data over the network, in case there's a machine running Processing or something that can react to incoming OSC messages and generate visuals.

  • to enjoy and passions? = bravo!

  • @raja:

    why on earth aren't you coming down for this thing? hitch a ride with someone. stow away in alfred's luggage. he won't notice the extra weight, not with the ginormous 256 he has to haul around. it's only, like, a 1-hour flight. you won't even be all that cramped by the end of it.

    that goes for all the other bay area monomers! ridesharing: get creative(tm).

  • @NO SIR E,

    That's Monday the 12th, same day as the event?
    (You had asked about housing for the 9th, so I wanted to clarify)

    Let me confirm at work today that I have the 12th off. I had requested it, thinking I'd have a ridiculous app for monome + iPad + kinect + movie screen presentable, and I was going to want the whole day to make sure it would work. I feel confident now that it won't, and that I was a crazy man to think otherwise. So, provided my time off request actually went through, the world's loss is your gain and I'll be available to pick you up at the airport that day.



    Maybe if enough monomers show up in SF on the 10th to ask him in person?

  • yeah, that's right, on the day of. Thanks a ton!

    My schedule for being in cali is now 12/12-12/15. After the 13th I'll be in long beach and I already have a ride back to the airport then.

    matter of fact just shoot me an email: nosirede at gmail

  • @GTZ:

    agreed. bring the pressure of the herd to enforce attendance. might just need to pick raja up and stuff him into an overhead luggage bin. i hope he didn't load up on too much turkey over thanksgiving; that'll make it harder to smuggle him onto the plane.

  • Would love to make it if i can hitch a ride from anyone. Car broken.Im in huntington beach 5 min. Off the 405 freeway. Anyone coming from san diego with be drivng the 405 to get to la

  • If more p.a equip is needed for the event i might be able to help email me

  • we got a facebook event or digi-flyer cookin up yet?

  • Just finished...


    FB event coming tonight...

    @scooter: looks like we won't need a pa. Thanks!

  • nice poster! the holiday theme really makes me want to get that vince guaraldi remix done in time for the show.

  • I was thinking "cool bacteria" until ioflow's comment about the holiday theme. That makes sense too, I guess.

    (a lineup this sick sends germs to represent them.)

    (and now I want to play Metroid)

    ...anyway, love the poster.


    invite all your friends!