MCRPv11 (See New Thread...)

  • Since it's coming on fall (autumn) I thought a new MCRP might be in order. I don't think this has been done before, but what if we all submitted samples--of our own making--in a particular key or mode? This would eliminate the need for complex re-pitching and stretching of audio to make it all work together. Anyone who is not musically inclined could always submit a percussion sample.

    I suggest this in part to encourage n00bs to participate. I know I had a hell of a time just prepping and pitching my samples for my first MCRP. Choosing one key or mode for the samples would allow for more immediate musical interplay and less technical know-how.

    Thoughts or other ideas?

  • yeah. we need a new mcrp! the last few folks that tried to get one going never followed through.

    mcrp no.1 changed my life. i hadn't seriously dived into Ableton before that.

    I might get in on it even though I'm still a music n00b ;-)

  • I'm down for whatever. I like the idea of something fall-themed.

  • i'm ddown also

  • I like the idea on staying in a particular key.
    What if we move more into the soundscape / cinematic mood this time ? I think more of the natural sounds each one could record... such as rain, wind, streets, birds etc. Quality really doesn't matter. So we can capture the actual autumn mood in different locations, over the globe...

  • @as - Sure, we could each submit a music sample in a certain key and then one field recording of something outside. That might give this one a more somber, atmospheric bent rather than a beat heavy vibe. Not that inventive types can't fashion beats out of raindrops if they want to. ;]

    Those without field recording capabilities could opt to not submit one or find some other pre-recorded source for that sort of thing.

  • I'm down for whatever as well.
    MCRP is alive!

  • I vote for G Major... so pretty

  • sounds fun, i'm up for it.

  • i am interested in doing the cover art. perhaps everyone could submit an autumn photo from the source location of the field recording. or your favorite nearby nature spot.

  • I'm partial to B flat major myself. Lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven!

  • Great idea! I'm in (not bailing out this
    What about D-minor? Everyone knows, it's the saddest of all keys

  • Loveit. One keyed sample, one atmospheric/percussive sample? Noiseflowr and I seemed to agree on f#min last we bumped heads. Couldn't say why.

  • Starting a new official MCRPv11 thread. Discussion will move over there.

  • Winter is coming!