tml for 64/128/256 and arc2/4

  • I have to say footswitch patch does the trick nicely. Fine for home use. Would still love the option to do it with a stop/start button press.

    Thanks to everyone involved in this great app. Loads of fun.

  • new version of tml is up...


    added momentary/latching record functionality

    head over to for the download.


  • also, as i'm a man of my word, i just uploaded the max for live port.

    please note however...

    channel routing is so poor in m4l I actually find this inferior to using the max version in combination with rewire/soundflower


  • Amazing! Thanks for the hard work on this. Its very much appreciated. I'll try these out this week and report back if there's any issues.

  • @all i'm sad to say that it appears this isn't max5 compatible. my grid and arc look normal, but audio isn't behaving as expected.

    unless anyone has a very strong opinion, i'm going to leave as is and request that everyone upgrades to the max6 runtime, it's free!

  • I had another feature request for this if anyone feels like implementing it (I'm currently a runtime-only max user *blush*).

    Basically it'd be quite cool if one of the currently unused rows of buttons could be a 'reverse audio' button. This seems to be quite easy to implement in max and could be quite powerful and fun in this app.

    Just putting it out there. Thanks in advance!

  • I see this has been deleted from the apps page.

    Guess there must be a reason....

    In any case - the page is still there and the download links still work -

  • Hi I just get a new arc2.
    And I have try to use tml & tml_reflector. but the encoder 01 does not work...
    The result of test on arc_tester is good,and I can use other patch ex)edw.

    If anybody know how I have to do, Please tell me. thanks.

    My set is

    MacOS10.6.8 and 10.7 + monome128 + new arc2.

  • The new arcs do not have encoders that also press, so tml's encoder 1, which defines buffer segment, is unusable. Most likely someone will eventually modify the patch so a button on the grid will perform the same function that the presses used to on the old arcs.

  • @RHA
    >which defines buffer segment, is unusable.
    Oh I understand it...

    and I'll wait for the patch update...
    thank you for your comments. :-)

  • @tomotsugu:
    @tehn said he’ll upload a version of serialosc which provides a workaround for emulating arc presses… that’d be the easy solution, rather than hacking every old patch. It’d be nice if it was built into 1.2, but my guess is we’ll just get a cleaned-up version of the recently deprecated one. Until then, recent arc adopters will just have to be patient…

  • registered, one more app.

    apologies for the delays. this will be rectified this weekend.

  • hi, does serialosc.maxpat need updating in tml035. currently i have to open tml025 & connect my 64 & arc 4 then close it & open tml035 to get my two devices to connect? i would love to see this updated as it is one of my most used & favourite apps. unfortunately i'm only a run-time max user and can't carry out the update myself.

    Also a 'reverse audio' button' on one of the unused rows as restlessboy suggested would be the cherry on the cake!