[Album] Sludgling (Free)

  • ..,,;;~~ Sludgling ~~;;,,..
    ....:~ CizreK ~:....

    ::~~ Tracks ~~::

    :: 01 ~ Sludge ~ {7:12}

    :: 02 ~ 8bit Juice ~ {3:00}

    :: 03 ~ Bubble Bath ~ {3:02}

    :: 04 ~ Going Primol ~ {2:12}


    Free Download: http://www.freedo.info/DATA/Music/Sludgling2011CizreK.zip

    SoundCloud: www.SoundCloud.com/CizreK
    Sludgling: http://soundcloud.com/cizrek/sludgling


    Album Artwork: http://cizrek.deviantart.com/art/Sludgling-Album-Artwork-264407406


    :: 04 Tracks ~ 15:26 Minutes ~ 17.7MB ::
    ::.. CizreK Productions...

    ~~ www.CizreK.com ~~

    ::I want to say thanks for everyone in this community who posts their albums for free, it has been a pleasure listening to all of them. Much inspiration. Much Love!::

  • these sounds be turning my jelly into wine friend.

    it makes me remember it was my birthday tomorrow.

    it reminds me of a plant like substance which when combined with a vine growing along north facing side of a small research hut on an individual sized island produces the very real sensation of time traveling and the removal of self into another body which happened to be a cat which then tried to warn itself in the past about becoming it in the future all of which happened in a dream i will have a week from now.

    "no my head hurts" beautiful

    going primol is getting to my coat wearing self, a wonderful collection of sounds.

    favorite that on soundcloud right away

  • lol, I enjoyed reading that wensdayayay. Sounds like you have a good time to it.

  • You know i have listened to your output for the past three or four albums. The last two def my favs and i realize why i like them after listening to this.

    It allows me to let the the darkness sink in, as if to say, don't fight it.

    And the way you use effects and sounds to really enforce stuff...clutch.