Renoise - Grid Pie (clip launching)

  • Check it out. Renoise got a clip launcher tool, similar to Ableton. It even supports polyrhythmic clips.

    Since Renoise doesn't support playing tracks at different positions natively, the author works around this and copies pattern data into a pattern at the end that is looping.

    It doesn't support Monome yet, only simple MIDI triggering. But I managed to get the LED feedback working using toggles in Pages and Bidule to rout back note off messages when switching clips.

  • good work. following this veeery closely. so want this nao!

    i wonder what renoise 2.8 will bring? they usually drop a reelase every christmas or so...

  • is there a way to set this up without bidule? lookin' to get this working on linux, so i'd like a true cross-platform solution. if nothing else, there might be some lua+osc code in duplex that can be borrowed.

  • You could certainly do it with lua+osc, or perhaps PD.

    Or wait. There are plans to port Grid Pie into Duplex.

  • i kinda got something workin' with pages and renoise, using pages (with virtual midi kernel modules) in midi trigger mode. however, since renoise doesn't send midi feedback, the buttons won't stay lit for the length of the sample, only when controlled by pages and when you push 'em on or off.

    also, pymonome can do midi triggering natively, but with the same limitation. somehow duplex gets around this by querying renoise's play state and setting the LEDs accordingly for its internal apps. gotta figure out how to do this.

  • Grid Pie has been ported to Duplex. (The latest beta, 0.98b7)

    Duplex supports the monome.

    Anyone wanna try this out?


  • Its on my "to do" list this holiday. Need to get cracking those renoise tutorials first ;-)

  • i need to revisit this, now that it's been ported. this might be just the thing for slice-style playing, which i can't do with rove.

    also, on cdm today there's an article on another tool for clip launching, cells, that basically transforms the renoise UI into ableton live. still at an early stage, not ported to duplex, so controller support is quite limited, and there's no led feedback of any kind. between cells and gridpie, i'm much more interested in using renoise in live performances as something other than just an FX host.

  • This is really cool!

    But there seem to be some confusion regarding serialOSC. Anyone like to give Danoise a hand?

  • @dby: thanks, I really appreciate any help I can get. The serialOSC issue (on windows) withstands, look here:

  • [bump]

    @danoise: Sorry I can't help much more than with testing or bumping this topic.

    Well I'm still glad it works with monomeserial, but it would be sweet if I could use it with Pages inbetween.

  • fixed in pages!

    the issue was duplex/gridpie seems to be sending /led 15 0 1 to turn on the far right column on an 8x8 monome. monomeserial was correctly handling this and pages is now too in version a30.

  • Awsome! Thanks Phortran!

  • no problem, let me know how it goes please! seems to work for me but i don't really know what i'm doing :)