it's that time of year again: i've actually finished a track without getting distracted by max.

  • It's a remix of Crybaby by Second Line, taken from his Head High EP on the Broken Bubble label.

    200bpm, stompy, dubfunk business.

    Coming out on a free compilation, alongside lots of other good stuff, next month to promote Broken Bubble.

    Original track and Broken Bubble back catalog here (free downloads):

    Been one of those up all night jobs, so I've probably lost all objectivity on the mix. Any tips or thoughts much appreciated.

  • ahh awesome man, ill check this when im home!

  • I like the track a lot.

    A bit of constructive criticism. Perhaps you could beef up the bass a little bit? Not suggesting turning your track in to bro-step, but I feel like the bass should really cut through the track a lot more, have more presence.

  • cheers guys!

    as soon as i listened back again i remembered that there were 2 cowbell samples in the remix stems and i hardly used either :(. crucial error, heh.

    good call! yeah after listening back after some sleep and with fresh ears the bass could probably do with a bit more presence and to cut through the mix.

    despite what i just wrote in the other thread about sub frequencies it's actually just a really simple bass with one element: the Jungle/Dancehall/Hip-Hop stalwart, a pitched down 808 kick drum. should of separated off the highs and added a bit more distortion and a bit of eq'ing.

    it's already off at the mastering engineer now getting sorted for the release... ah well heh. next time :).