My new VHS case MIDI controllers

  • I have been looking at a way to reduce the pages on my Monome and Touch OSC for some time. I figured I should build some sort of custom hardware solution. The attached pictures are what I have come up with. I am pretty happy with the outcome.

    Any questions or comments are welcome....

    2560 x 1920 - 977K
    2560 x 1920 - 976K
    2560 x 1920 - 978K
  • awesome! what's the brain?

  • @Pixale,
    Looks like an Arduino Duemilanove. (zoom in to the "guts" photo)

  • Its the old Arduino Diecimila, i've had it sitting in my house unused for quite some time now. I used it purely for prototyping, the latency is pretty high. I have done all the optimizing in the code I can think of and there is currently a 9 - 11ms response time. Not bad but I would like it lower.

    I might change the controller to something like the Teensy, or this;

    I think I might be able to to get the latency down if I move away from the Arduino.

  • definitely need a teensy in there!
    such a good idea to use a vhs case as the enclosure, might give it go :)

  • wow. didn't know there is such big latency on arduino?
    would it be the same on an arduino uno?

  • wouldn't a teensy be susceptible to the same latency as an arduino?

    is the teensy avr a bit faster?

  • huh.

  • The latency I was talking about is how long it takes the Arduino to scan the 64 analog inputs (9 -11ms). I figured that the Arduino code when converted to C is less efficient than programming in C. I was unaware of the serial latency in Arduino's.

    Does anyone know if the Teensy executes code faster then the Arduino? I'm sure I read the Arduino was inefficient in executing code but I can't find it.

  • ahhh HA. thanks for the link 'tini. this discussion cleared up some problems i ran into alast year. mustve been latency!