Anyone from Germany / Bavaria?

  • Hi,
    I´m from Munich.
    Anyone from there, too?
    Would be interested in meeting like-minded people for jamming / projects / ...

  • berlin here. couple other folks around too, i think there'd be sufficient interest.

  • in stuttgart and highly interested!

  • Greetings from Innsbruck, austria. Also interested in meeting some fellow monomers.

  • I'm located in Bonn, Cheers !

  • Close to Heidelberg. Please keep me in the loop as well.

  • I´m/we (my wife and i) near Bonn, cheers ;-)
    Both not on a native Monome....i use a Lauchpad, my wife an APC20, both connetcted to the Monome-Apps through Monomodular

  • would be cool to plan a meetup somewhere in the middle of seems too out of the way to suggest something here. how interested would people be in a day-trip to, say, Bonn? (since we've got a few people there already)

  • I'm in Stuttgart most of the time and every now and then close to Munich.

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    A meetup would be nice, but unfortunately I don´t have time until mid of December.
    Exams first.

    As it would be interested to know what everyone is using, I´ll start:

    Like "astartes" I don´t own a monome but use a launchpad (with monomeemu) + a nice Focusrite Saffire LE Audio-Interface.
    That´s one reason I wanna meet other people owning a monome and check it out.

    The other reason is to see how everyone is organizing their sets & what apps they are useing, as well as having fun/ jamming/ talking/ planning some collaboration/...

    At the moment I´m trying to figure out how to work with all these great monome apps and which to use. My general aim is to set everything up and be ready to jam/make noise.

    I really like the edison-Style approach: Sounds (chopped drums) on buttons.
    Therefore I have 8 Audio-tracks dedicated to these Edison-Style-Approach, (as well as containing clips for LiveClipChopper).
    Have to add another Midi-track with dummy-clips for "Song Selection", that is for switching different FX on these tracks on/off.

    In addition, I try to use some monome-apps:
    7up (mainly for the stepper), noisemakers for melodic/pad-stuff, 2 instances of bounds (drums & synth).

    I like MLR but the LiveBeatChopper ist so much more easy to use:
    No need to export your samples and drop them to MLR. But it doesn´t seem to chop the samples as smooth as mlr does.
    Still have to figure out, which one to use (or both: LCC for preparing files, MLR for playing/jamming/performing).

    I also try to use parastepper and dj-fx, but still have to work on setting them up and on track-routing.

    I also play guitar, so setting up some nice Guitar-sounds and -Synths is the next step towards my all-in-one-&-ready to jam set.


  • To Pick up trppng´s question.... what am i using:
    Ableton Live together ith a Launchpad an a Nocturm. On the Launchpad all the Monome Stuff happens, done by Monomodular from aum_ha. I personally prefer this way over MonomeEmu because Monomod does all the conversation via a moded Python Skript for the LP and another one for the Plug-in integration.
    Most stuff i use is already ported into Monomod by it´s creator (TR256, Boingg, Tintin etc). As external Apps i use ST8´s LiveControl, LCC and the original Plinko. LiveControl is a Standart (mostly because of it´s Scaled Keyboard) and fix integrated in my Startuptemplate via Monolink (a litte Plug from Monomod that is able to connect external Plugs to the Monomod Suite). LCC an Plinko are connected the Same way if needed. Monomodular can hold up to 16 Plugs at once, so very flexible Setups can be made with it.

    As the Support for the APC20 is very new my wife is just at the Beginning in using Monome Stuff. Setup is ATM the same as mine.

  • ^ It's fun to see someone using Tintin...

  • I use TinTin sometimes, its one of the Modules included in Monomodular. For More Information take a look here (for anyone who´s interested):

  • Back to toppic: A meeting somewhere mid December sounds good. The Idea to do this in/near Bonn also, cause my wife has to work every second weekend, so even if she has to work we´re able to make it to that Meeting.