thank you propellerheads !

  • i couldn't quite believe it when i got an email from propellerheads this morning announcing a free update to the long discontinued Recycle. The update provides 64bit and Lion compatibility along with a couple of fixes and even a couple new features !

    just gotta say, wow, i bought Recycle in 2001, paid 15$ for an update in 2004 and now this ... how cool is that

    i which more companies had such a way of doing business, i'm getting pretty tired of buying software that i have to pay half what i paid for it nearly every year now just to keep it from crashing, yearly paid updates seem to be the rule most of the time these days

    and i'm super happy to be able to keep on using Recycle for the next couple of years it's a great tool, and allthough i don't use my sampler in SCSI mode anymore, i just find the slicing and export features in Recycle more practical than any of the DAW or soft sampler slicing tools combined

  • wowowowowowow.

    i'm a propellerheads fanboy. been using reason since 2005. recycle is an amazing tool and i cant wait to put these updates to use! i'm so happy that they finally made the Q, W, E, and R buttons select tools

    thank you

  • Props to the Props!

    I've been using reason on and off since V1.5 and since I had record I got the "pay what you like" upgrade to Reason 6 (from whatever version I had - the one without Kong).

    Reason now only lacks plugins since its effectively "ate" record and samples can be loaded :-)