Daedelus -Live- (Brainfeeder Records, Ninja Tune) @ Proximal Records Headquarters L.A

  • Saw this up on Dogs on Acid (drum and bass message board I frequent)


  • Nice, that's wonderful it got archived on Soundcloud, it was a fun session. If any of you are curious to try out the patch I used in the performance it was MLR 2.53 for 256 and 64, should be available around the forums, but perhaps not up yet. Best!

  • @daedelus what a great set! I wish there was video around somewhere.

  • http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=4118

  • That link is for 2.51 (unless 2.53 is somewhere else in the thread).

    Why do you not use the more recent mlrV? also, is mlr the only patch you run?

    I'm trying to customize mlrv a bit to include my encoder knobs and to have the bottom right quarter of my 256 to be jitter/visual control. I've managed to program the knobs to control volume to groups, but haven't made progress beyond that.

  • for me personally 2.51 and the likes are just better on the eyes for me when i need to see what i need to do very quickly as well as its simplicity..i could imagine it's possibly the same for Daedelus. as well as it's history being that it's just an evolved version of the original rather than the other great versions which have many more features

  • I'm looking to entertain the idea of possibly have 6 groups on the 2.51 patch. Might come off as unwieldy, but anything's possible. Plus I'm looking to add even more dimensions to live music making, no bruce willis movie.

  • @no sir e
    the mlr_2.27_cyst version has 6 groups.