computerless mlr?

  • would a muse receptor work?

  • The problem is the layers of technology required to pull this off with a monome... the usb requires a specific driver... and then you would need a full serial implementation as well.

    It is no light task to accomplish

  • didn't try it myself, but [[|this]] looks totally usable with the monome.

  • With all these nettops about at the moment, how about using a mini/micro ITX board? The footprint is pretty small and you could run linux / windows on it? You'd only need a few sticks of ram and a hdd and could probably setup something headless?

  • As 'tini mentioned in the other thread ( how about a Rasberry Pi, running Rove:

    Obviously, this is a computer, but it's tiny and could be run 'headless' or accessable via a smartphone/pad device.