Time to move to serialosc ? Transition guide ? Compatibility ? Lion ?

  • hello all,

    i know variations of this topic have been discussed elsewhere in this forum but i couldn't really find a decisive answer to the questions i have regarding moving from my 'old' current setup to a serialosc based soution.

    my setup currently is, a apart from a couple of workaroundable bugs, pretty stable. I have the 64, 128 and 256 (all walnuts from 2008/2009 converted to bus power) running on my Macbook pro (2010 i7 17") on OSX 10.6.8.

    i route Monomeserial to pages (1.41 since i haven't been able to get v2 to work) and from there i route all three to molar inside Live, of which i have several instances runing on each monome. i only use 'External Application' pages for this and have a couple of other external apps routed to max patches running besides live with Max 5 Runtime (i have a M4L license but not a Max license).

    So two things are very important to my current setup/workflow:

    1. ability to run 3 monomes in parallel and being able to easily route different apps to different monomes/pages

    2. use molar

    i was wondering if someone could tell me if/how i would benefit from moving to serialosc from monomeserial ... what are the advantages ?

    and based on the above how i would configure the new setup to get a similar workflow like with monomeserial and pages. Are there any caveats

    lastly, does serialosc work better with Lion ? only with Lion ? Does it even run on Snow Leopard.

    It would be nice if someone knowledgable could maybe write up a simple overview of the advantages and caveats of moving to serialosc and post it on the top level of http://docs.monome.org/doku.php

    i tried for a couple of hours getting my head around this issue and starting from the link above i ended up reading through a lot of not always relevant posts without being able to find a lot of answers.

    thx for any help with this ...

    PS: the only reason for the moment why i'm considering moving to serialosc is because i would like to use strettas plane sequencer, and maybe other newer apps that moved to serialosc

  • The only part I can answer definitively is yes it works on Snow Leopard and Lion.

    The steps documented here work:


    Remember to restart after step 2.

  • yeah, in a nutshell, install serialosc, install pages, use pages as the bridge which converts between monomeserial and serialosc via the external app page. I should note i havent made the plunge to lion though, ill be doing this next week, so fingers crossed it all hangs together ;]

  • you can run everything on serialosc with the bridge tool, I guess you already know that... Hard to tell if it would make life easier if you rely on monomeserial tools..
    I'm not very helpful here sorry since I don't do a lot of multiapping anymore and even happily downsized my monome (yeah that's possible ^^)

    You may be interested in griddle too... But I guess pages does the routing well..

    You need a 512 to complete your family ;-)

  • pages, molar, serialosc, lion all work fine together. (well, i cannot 100% confirm molar works, but i do not see why it would not, i'll get around to testing sometime in the near future).

  • "lastly, does serialosc work better with Lion ? only with Lion ? Does it even run on Snow Leopard."

    it works well on both snow leapord and lion.