An Inspiring Thought: Code as a Medium

  • Thought you guys might get a kick out of this bit of writing I came up with during the development of my thesis

  • Very nice! I'd like to read that book too...

  • great read. i share similar thoughts. keep exploring!

  • thanks mate. A great quote and good thought. It's very satisfying to be able to craft with skill and foresight.

    Athough i for one take great pleasure in the unexpected creations that come from tinkering with things you don't understand as well. My favourite drinking glass is one i blew when i was first learning about glass, the slightly off-kilter shape fits my hand perfectly, and would be hard to reproduce using 'correct' techniques. But that was a one-off, lucky break. Not a technique you would necessarily want to base a body of work around ;]

    This eno quote does spring to mind though:
    "My topic is the shift from 'architect' to 'gardener', where 'architect' stands for 'someone who carries a full picture of the work before it is made', to 'gardener' standing for 'someone who plants seeds and waits to see exactly what will come up'. I will argue that today's composer are more frequently 'gardeners' than 'architects' and, further, that the 'composer as architect' metaphor was a transitory historical blip."

  • I quite like that eno quote

  • I think the eno quote describes us well. Producers are gardeners, definitely.

    I don't know that "composer as architect" was transitory, but it isn't the norm. Really, that model requires something of a savant.

    Danny Elfman is an architect; he hears complex arrangements in his head and then sets about communicating them to his team to orchestrate and perform. Beethoven was like that. I think it's a less satisfying approach, but one that leads to more work, or which leads more people to become household names.


    Know yourself, know your medium, and keep pushing at both.

  • zappa is another in the architect-savant category: such meticulous arrangement and strict insistence to adherence to the score, even if the score sounds completely wild and stochastic, its completely deterministic. Not something ive been able to fold into my own work ;] i have a hard time ever doing things the same way twice, let alone getting others on board ;p