FS: vintage, boutique, outdated, unwanted items [U.S. ONLY]

  • $275 [SOLD]
    Roland TR-606 (includes din sync cable, original manual)

    $225 [Pending]
    Roland TR-707 (LCD screen doesn't work correctly)

    $50 [Pending]
    $75 for all 3 units
    Alesis MMT-8 sequencer (up to 3 units)

    Just shipping costs + $20
    Alesis Data Disk Recorder

    Abstract Data KICKER (Low Frequency Analog Percussive Synth)

    SoundBite Micro (brand new w/box cables,

    $160 [Pending]
    Mackie 1202-VLZ Mixer

    Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600 Dynamics Processor

    DBX 266XL Compressor/Gate

    DBX 166XL " "

    Alesis 3630 Compressor

    [SOLD] nanoloop 2.2 cart + gameboy

    My email is on my profile should you want to discuss or discuss here or PM.

    @ Everyone

    This Monday i will begin shipping. I will be spending the weekend posting pics, testing units, reporting any discovered flaws to the appropriate buyers/public. Perhaps this should have been done already but I'm learning. I simply wasn't expecting to get bombarded all at once. I am also going to weigh and acquire shipping labels for everything on this list so that I may better expedite any future sells

    Thank You - Robert Contento

  • Yes sir I am. I have three. One of them works as expected, and will sell for $50.
    I'll do all three units for $75 if you need more tracks or parts. I believe two are grey and one is black.
    The second unit works too but requires hard button presses on some buttons.
    The third one I don't know much about cause someone gave it to me around the same time I switched to my first DAW. I know that the cover part with the instructions on the inside doesn't stay on the unit, it just falls out, and no power adapter.

    I just need some time to test the units. I haven't used them in 10 years, so I'd like to at least make sure the one solid unit still powers on and that the button presses are still responsive. If not I'll slash the price even more.

    Because of limited studio space my MM-T8s are at my old residence about an hour away. I won't be going there for another week. So your patients will be appreciated. Don't worry, they're not in a basement or attic.

  • Sorry. It just occurred to me that you whispered. :-[

    I thought the hot pink backdrop was an easter egg that only coders knew of so they can customize their posts.
    Heh-heh... :-[ apologies

  • I may be interested in the 707. Where are you located in the country?

  • @ Jesse
    south Jersey

  • how much of the list is still available? tempted.

    Yesterday was my first response to this thread and I haven't eBayed since originally posted.

  • I'd take the 707 and pay shipping if you'd be interested in shipping to Ireland.

  • that's a sweet deal for the 606 if it's in good condition.

  • @ dadek
    Yes it's not in perfect condition but sounds good and all buttons are responsive. It's got a noisy volume pot, but that's something you set and forget. Also, a stain underneath from a leaked battery, but that happened 10 years ago and hasn't effected anything. I can provide pictures.
    Are you in the U.S. ?

    @ iccapod
    Sorry US only. No hard feelings. It's not the shipping costs that is an issue.

  • @blipsfordbaubie no problem, they're a hard machine to come by over here for anywhere even close to that price. good luck with the sale.

  • dude, I will take the nanoloop cartridge and gameboy off your hands. (it does have the charger right?)

  • @blipsford baubie, if i may ask, what other factors could possibly be at play beyond shipping costs outside the us?

  • @ willcarter
    Sorry bro someone just beat you to it. They inquired about it yesterday, I answered some questions late last night, and he Just confirmed with me.

    @ lokey
    I'm more or less afraid of screwing up and it being held in customs. This will be my first experience at shipping stuff. But I'm def open to suggestions if experienced with that country in particular.

  • i would take that mixer and the 707 off your hands if you still have them. i live in texas.

  • I updated my list. Pending simply means I have a buyer but haven't made it official yet due to me being a bit overwhelmed with stuff happening this week.
    If said buyer looses interest because i'm too slow, then I'll simply move down the list as a first come-first serve basis. I will do my best to contact that person.

    @ Brave Microwave
    awesome. paypal?

  • sure. send me the info and such, and let me know what you need from me, or lay it out how you want to do this, or write a run-on-sentence...

  • dang! oh well, I was kinda on the fence anyway as to whether or not I should be spending more money right now.

  • I haven't forgotten about those pics Dadek (first dibs)
    Special offer on 606. I have two units but am keeping one for myself. However I'll part with either one. So i'm also going to record identical drum patterns on each unit and post the comparisons on soundcloud this way said buyer has the option of choosing his/her colorations of this aging unit. Also too make sure there are no other glitches such as buttons sticking or not responding, I need a couple additional days of playing with the units to ensure they still behave the same as i remember them 10 years ago. This way if they don't, you will surely know about them. I'm not trying to intentionally hide flaws. Hmm, maybe I should protect my assets (none). All units are sold as is. ;-)

    I simply wish to deliver top customer service to fellow monomers.
    Your patients will be rewarded.

  • still down...

  • hey brave micro,
    I was just in the process of getting back to everyone.

    I think all I need is your paypal email and your shipping address. Just whisper me that sorts of info, or use the email on my account page here. Just be accurate.

    I'll send you pictures of your merchandise along side my monome so you know i'm not a fraud; will bill you once everything is packaged and ready to ship and will ship the minute funds are received cause i guess that's how people do it these days and how's THAT for a run-on sentence? =D

    Aside from the units, you will receive the appropriate power supplies as well. The mackie don't use a walwart but i'll still include a chord. No manuals or original boxes for either units, please let me know if that's a problem for the 707. I'm pretty sure someone has a PDF of it online somewhere.
    * You will definitely need the manual if you plan on MIDI syncing. I don't even remember how.

    Mixer I always used it's just the 707 I need to test to make sure all is still kosher.
    I'm going to get all the shipping labels and packaging material i need sun/mon. thanks for your patients!

  • @ Everyone

    This Monday i will begin shipping. I will be spending the weekend posting pics, testing units, reporting any discovered flaws to the appropriate buyers/public. Perhaps this should have been done already but I'm learning. I simply wasn't expecting to get bombarded all at once. I am also going to weigh and acquire shipping labels for everything on this list so that I may better expedite any future sells

    Thank You - Robert Contento

  • sorry if i mislead. i have a 606, and paid a bit more for mine. so a good deal to anyone looking.

  • No worries Dadek. Yeah i hear you, if it'll make you feel any better I paid WAY more than what i'm posting for. I'm just so content to finally do some decluttering. Do you know that I've NEVER sold a piece of gear since i began collecting 12 years ago?! I have so much that it doesn't even all fit where I reside.
    I feel I'm getting closer to Nirvana now.

  • Nice work getting rid of stuff, too- I know how hard that can be....

  • Yeah you bet I got more then i expected! This thread sat idle for a good few months. When it rains it pours!
    The price does not include shipping.

  • What does still active of the list... Wanna buy!!!

  • @ introvert
    Everything except nanoloop, i shipped that out monday to a monome celeb. Anything that says pending; either people are waiting for me to get back or vice-versa. I'm doing first come first serve. What might you be interested in so i can jot down your name? I'll bump the thread and post changes to the top of the list whenever there is activity. I'm just not in a hurry to sell and some people have asked me to wait a bit. What might you be interested in so that i may jot down your name?

    @ prospective 707 buyers

    The LCD screen doesn't work right. This has always been like this since i have owned it, but I forgot all about it until I began playing with it today. It just makes navigating the menu a pain when going thru the different sync modes and no additional visual feedback for the x0 grid i guess. Not sure. I had experience with the 909 so it never slowed me down. If you can obtain a manual you'll be fine.

  • Sweet- just so I'm clear- you're repeating the
    same pattern with one then the other, correct?

    Correct! I had one synced to the other while each unit played the exact pattern on two seperate tracks while I used the crossfader in ableton in order to A/B every couple measures or so.
    The kick and snare volume were both maxed out just for consistensy, but not the HH. I tried my best to have them at half volume cause they sounded too high in the mix. Both units' master volume was also maxed; i was surpised after all these years that the differences between both peaks was only .2dB with no limiting or compression. They also required very little gain. I simply normalized the end results to .5dB.

    I was beginning to think I was wasting my time with the A/B comparison. I'm glad you found it useful :-) Glad it helped.

    Even tho Mondays are usually the only day I can ship, I too happen to be on vacation April 3-May 8. This will allow me to ship mid-week if needed as per your request. Just lemme know the date you return from your trip so I can guesstimate.

    From here I'll figure out the shipping. I've never insured anything, so I ll find out what I need to do over the weekend and get back to you Monday or possibly Tuesday this week for a final cost. Then all I would need is an email to pay pal and when I give the thumbs-up sometime next week, depending when you leave, shoot me a payment and I'll send the package ground.

    Sound good? Lemme know if you have any questions. In case I didn't mention, this includes:
    - 606
    - power adapter
    - din sync cable
    - original manual

    I think I listed the original leather Roland case but I can't find it. So I ll just keep it for my other unit ;-)


  • Hi everybody ! I'm a strange stranger in this place...

    I was wondering if by chance, Is the Abstract Data Kicker still available ?


  • almost three years ago.. unlikely mate.