GS128 - keys/leds flutter when held down in monome_test

  • I find I've been having trouble with keys/pads on my gs128 for a while. It seems that the leds are flickering or fluttering on and off when i hold down a pad, and that they easily flicker if i hold my finger down on a pad and rock it a bit - not too much, but enough to where i would think the keypad would still make a connection. I've tested this in monome_test and indeed, the keypads flicker in an on/off state really quickly. I haven't noticed much of a problem when i play with mlr because im pressing pads quickly, and not holding them down.

    Since I've started using other apps, i've realized that this is a problem. I tried taking my keypads off, cleaning them really well, and applying baby powder to the tops of the keys... put the whole thing back together and this is still a problem. do I need new key pads? I'll be honest - there's a lot of 'faulty' keys. It might take a while to count them all.

    I also would love to know if this could be software related somehow? I'm running serialosc on a 13inch mbp with max/msp 5 (latest version of 5). it's kind of driving me crazy!

    I'm open to any suggestions to get this working, but cleaning off the keypad's contacts didn't seem to help.


  • It may be faulty button pads. Check this thread and e-mail @tehn about it for possible replacement if it isn't a software issue:

  • excellent. I was looking for that thread but i have trouble with the search function on this forum, for whatever reason. Maybe I just don't know what to look for!

    I do want to make a point that I'm by no means angry about this. I figure this is just wear and tear from mashing buttons - I take good care of my monome, but things like this happen. I'll definitely email tehn soon. It's a testament to monome (the company) that they take the time to deal with these support issues on such a personal level :)

  • i'm fairly certain our manufacturer had a "bad streak" of less-than-perfect keypads. e-mail me for replacements.