another "favorite video?" thread

  • I meant to post this before the long weekend, but got caught up in my own answer and never finished that. (I will. But let's get the question posted)

    Anyway, closing out Thanksgiving (and we're grateful for these videos) and coming into New Years (where we look back fondly), it seemed like a good time to ask...

    What are your favorite videos by the community, of all time?

    I'm going to suggest three categories, but you're free to ignore them:

    1) The performance video that everyone needs to watch, whether or not they've even heard of a monome

    2) The video that inspired you to finally take the leap yourself

    3) Something unusual - a new way of thinking about music or controllers or both

    Bonus points for hitting all three.

  • Good stuff all around. And the first one is especially bad-ass. I need to make time and watch all the footage from that night.

    Also, I Black Friday'd myself a new camera, which supposedly does better in low light than what I've been using. I don't know if it would have helped here given the sharp contrast -- dude in shadow vs projected visuals and the light of his own monome, I think he's doomed to be cast in silhouette. But, yeah. Part of me is very much obsessing over what this video might have looked like if I had been there and filmed it with the new gear.

    From that (production value) standpoint, these two are probably ideal performance-style vids:
    He's well lit, we can see his hands, but we don't lose sight of the performance.

    No audience to react to, though.

    No monome in use here, but for trippy visuals, it's worth calling out:

  • dang dudes...
    thanks for all the love!
    if i'd add my 2 cents...
    it'd be these:
    (with this comment "this tune is lurvlee" haha)
    and this

    but there really is too many to count!

  • this is still one of my favorites:
    awesome setup, great music, nice audience..


    love it.


    This got me, still does.

  • gosh, where to begin...i think i could spend a half hour finding all the old links and still not have covered them all. videos...briefly:

    anything edison (specially artemis vs. the city + blue&yellow + shadowtime, and the live at ella street set)...anything maersk, galapagoose, daedelus (rooftop mix and the live KEXP set), stretta's feignroom, + buttons, iki, visinin, and stevieraysean's mash demo.

    it's only partly the performance/visuals aspect that appeals to me. though i do love a well-produced visual treat, like the ella street cuts. what really gets me first is the music that can be made with these devices and software.

  • No necessarily my "favorite" video. But a friend shared this video with me today and I thought it was really cool.!


    this is the one that got me. kero owns hard.

  • Anything pauk films himself is awesome. Really I don't know anyone who uses the monome more in a performance than pauk. Every button will be smashed at one point.

  • @Deems,

    That -is- cool.

    I don't know if anything will come of it, but I built something this morning inspired by that video. Simple patch in max/msp, takes the MIDI input from my long-abandoned "YouRock Guitar" and converts it to something a little more monome friendly. The neck isnow an arbitrary 6x22 grid, with a "one per row" limit imposed by the hardware. So, six very low-res sliders (or radio lists), with a shoulder strap. Could be useful.


  • Does anyone still have the video that this music originally came from?

    (data romance deleted their vimeo account)

    If someone could hook me up with that before Monday, that'd be awesome. No reason. =)

  • Do any of you recall the user who posted a video of 3 split peas sitting in a speaker cone while their song was going? Just burned about an hour searching for it to no avail :(

  • sounds like @nuun's work:

    also, if you like seeing physical things interact with need to see @thealphanerd's bass-water-speaker-box video, set to one of his MCRP tracks. it is ridiculously awesome:

  • thanks ioflow for remembering my vids!
    or this one maybe?

  • I would like to present you music video from small country in the Heart of Europe.

    Directed by Martina Slovakova.
    Music is mine, released now on Deadred Records.

  • @nuun that was the 1! Could have sworn they were split peas, but that was it.

    @ioflow the speaker box vid was something very special indeed.

  • @growndszkyper:

    it's definitely fascinating to see physical objects move in response to sound waves.

    another one of the fine folks here on the forums used electromagnet hooked up to a modular synthesizer to move iron filings around. LFO-controlled motion:

  • just saw this today

    thanks for filming visnic!

  • Glia's link there is Anenon's set from the LA Monomeet, in case anyone's curious.

    (This is well worth checking out, no question. But if you've already downloaded it, simply clicking above will eat 500+ megs for no reason.)

  • hahaha yeah

    forgot i posted a masked link

  • I liked this edison video quite a bit. Always wished I had clones of myself - however egotistical it is.

    Here's a video I made which seems pretty well loved with around 30k views :)

  • @sam_square

    Totally agreed. I pulled a bunch of videos to maybe play between sessions at the LA Monomeet a few weeks ago, and those were the first two I grabbed.

    (we ended up not using any of that, but Oicho did manage to integrate your "welcome to monome" vid into the live visuals)

    Seriously, the only reason I didn't list those videos here was that they were so obvious.

  • Okay, not that this was a competition or anything, but Charlie wins.

    Hands down.

    (I didn't think we'd see a lot of recent videos come up in this thread. But seriously, damn.)