Soundflower issue???

  • Hi...

    Yes, it's my askinghelpday...
    For live performance, I'm actually actually running mlrv through Ableton, but via soundflower (16) and not via rewire (wich is actually not stable???)...
    I had no problem with an old and cheap edirol interface and now that i upgraded to an rme fireface 400, i got some strange behaviour while playing...
    It's like a "really short buffer size" noise (also like a sort of bit crushing) happening more or less every 4 minutes (4 or 5 seconds)
    I tried of course every buffer size (in mlrv, ableton...)
    I also thought it was a midi issue :
    I'm using a nanocontrol and this is happening mainly when i turn or move a slider, or when i play really fast with mlr...

    Any idea??
    The RME os the problem, but only with this setup (no problem using mlrv alone or ableton alone)



  • Interesting, I may have experienced similar. Could it be related to not enough processor headroom, hence the buffer cannot be serviced properly in the time slice available.

    I'm actually interested in if anyone knows how to change the Soundflower internal buffer size.

  • rewire works fine for me, mlr -> ableton with 10.7 and a focusrite 2i2

    i haven't had good luck with soundflower

  • Hi Brian..

    Sorry i haven't mention it..
    I'm using mlrv2.2...And rewire is not stable.
    I think we're all (v2 users) waiting for next update :-)
    But anyway, that's already a super great tool!
    If you know something else about this...

    Thanxx a lot