noiseflowr album-type-thing release

  • I made a collection of songs with a production method that links them all. I never really indented to release an "album", just more of a "collection of songs that have a theme"... well isn't that just a damn album? So anyway, here it is... free or not, if you so choose.

  • fantastic, this makes my rumple stiltskin in a way momma never taught me and the twins

  • well done sir!

  • Thanks!

    forgot to describe it, but the idea is that I started hacking away at a new semi-generative type of instrument over the last few months. Over those months, I recorded a lot of jam sessions. This album is basically some cuttings from those solo jams. Its pretty rough on the edges, certainly.

  • meh...semi epic ;-)

    but seriously, i like semi epic!

    Interesting about the instrument. About the sounds...are you using your instrument to control a modular rack? Or are they digital sounds?

  • i enjoy a lot listening to your album.
    thank you.